PAD to open bids by Nov 18 for the conservation of mausoleum in Multan

MULTAN: For the conservation and restoration of the mausoleum of Hazrat Shah Ali Akbar at Suraj Miani, Punjab Archaeology Department (PDA) will open on November 18, informed Malik Ghulam Muhammad in-charge PDA.

The execution of project worth Rs27.104 million will start in December 2019, after the Director-General PDA approves the recommendations of the tender committee.

The renovation plan includes filling the glazed tiles on the exterior, restoring bricks affected by salt, modern metallic grilles replaced by terracotta jali, restoration of old wood doors, providing and inserting shisham wood beams in brick masonry, application of lime plaster on exterior and interior of dome, restoration of fresco work, stucco tracery work, glazed Kashi tile work, upgrading platform and graves, brick flooring, and electrification of the tomb.

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