Pakistan among region’s top five recipients of remittances, ADB

ADB ranks Pakistan among five major recipients of remittances

Karachi:           Pakistan is ranked among the top five recipients of remittances in the region, though the country’s exports dropped to 8.5% of GDP, according to the latest report by Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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Top Five Regional Countries that Receive Maximum Remittances

  1. India ($78.6 billion)
  2. China ($67.4 billion)
  3. Philippines ($33.8 billion)
  4. Pakistan ($21 billion)
  5. Viet Nam ($15.9 billion)

The report further says that Pakistan is among the top ten countries in the region with the highest numbers of companies bribing institutions to get things done.

Other Major Findings of the ADB Report on Pakistan

  • Employed population living below the international poverty line has dropped in the last almost two decades.
  • Less than 5% of the employed population lies below the poverty line as compared to more than 25% year earlier.
  • Pakistan received the largest amounts of financial and technical assistance ($894 million) after Afghanistans ($1.405 billion), and Indonesia ($1.310 billion) during 2009–2017.
  • Proportion of population with reliance on clean fuels and energy increased to 45% from 25% from 2000 to 2017.
  • Renewable energy share in total final energy consumption decreased to 45.6% in 2017 from 51% in 2000.
  • Countries with the lowest proportions of forested land to total land in 2016 were
    • Nauru (0.0pc)
    • Kazakhstan (1.2pc)
    • Pakistan (1.9pc)
  • Countries with highest rates of undernourishment in 2017 were
    • Afghanistan (29.8pc)
    • Timor-Leste (24.9pc)
    • Pakistan (20.3pc

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