Pakistan, China to initiate 13 projects in agriculture sector

Pak-China launches 13 projects in the real estate sector

ISLAMABAD:      In collaboration with China, the government is planning to launch 13 mega projects in the agriculture sector.

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Under Prime Minister’s Agriculture Emergency Project, the government may also seek technical assistance from New Zealand to advance on dairy production and value addition, the Food Minister said on Monday.

“The government is resolved to uplift the agriculture sector and is going to launch 13 megaprojects across the country, and the technical cooperation with China would help us in the field,” Minister for National Food Security and Research Mehboob Sultan said while talking to a delegation from China Machinery Engineering Cooperation (CMEC).

“Due to the lack of requisite technology, we are lagging behind in value addition and processing, hence the joint venture in this regard and adaption of best practices from China in the field of agriculture would help tap our agro resources/commodities in a befitting manner,” Sultan said in an official statement.

Domains where the projects could be kicked off

  • Waste land reclamation
  • High technological innovation in seed production, protection, increased crop production and harvesting
  • Deep processing and trading
  • Enhanced cotton production
  • Expansion of Halal meat market in China
  • Improving access to Chinese and Middle East market
  • Cow fattening
  • Enhanced meat production

“We are looking forward to benefit from the agro scientists after getting equipped with modern agricultural techniques and could contribute greatly,” he said in an official statement.

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