Pakistan listed among Forbes best ‘under-the-radar trips of 2020’

ISLAMABAD: With the extensive efforts made by the incumbent government to highlight the tourism potential of Pakistan, the country has now been listed among “10 best under-the-radar-trips” by Forbes magazine, which is a testament to Pakistan’s resurgence as a go-to travel destination in 2020.

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Forbes magazine, in its round-up, titled “The Not Hot List” outlined destinations that are “off the beaten path” and provide holidaymakers with a “proper escape from the everyday in an increasingly homogenised world.”

The magazine cites the award-winning adventure company Wild Frontiers, highlighting that Pakistan has become a significantly attractive destination. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit last year has brought substantial attention to the country and its tourism potential.

“Pakistan is perhaps the ultimate adventure travel destination,” Wild Frontiers founder Jonny Bealby told Forbes.

“It offers ancient Indus civilizations stretching back 4,000 years, and exciting cities like Lahore with its forts, mosques and palaces. But most of all, it offers incredible scenery, particularly in the north where the three greatest mountain ranges collide,” he added.

Bealby also admired the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s commitment towards boosting adventure tourism in the country.

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