Pakistan Post Office: An Overview

Post offices are crucial for every country. brings you a concise yet very informative guide to Pakistan Post Office.

In addition to serving as a communication channel for individuals and businesses, Pakistan Post plays a multifaceted and expansive role in the country’s economy. To keep up with the rapidly evolving communications market, the Pakistan Post office is placing a greater emphasis on the utilisation of new communication and information technologies.

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This will allow the organization to expand its operations beyond what is conventionally thought of as its core postal business. The Pakistan Postal Service is dedicated to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of mail, money, and other materials to the doorsteps of consumers at a price that is within their means. brings you a concise yet very informative guide to Pakistan Post Office.


Pakistan Post at a Glance


ServicesMail, Financial, Parcel, Value Added, Retail
NetworkNationwide coverage
TechnologyTrack and Trace, E-post, Online Services
Financial ServicesPostal Savings Bank, Money Orders
Parcel ServicesDomestic and International Parcels
Value AddedE-commerce Solutions, Business Solutions
Retail ServicesPhilately, Post Shop
Technology IntegrationTrack and Trace, E-post
Other ServicesPostal Life Insurance, Bill Payments



History of Pakistan Post Office


The Pakistan Post is one of the longest-serving governmental departments in Pakistan.


The Pakistan Post is one of the longest-serving governmental departments in Pakistan. In 1947, it started operating as the Department of Post and Telegraph for the first time.
It was separated from the Telegraph & Telephone department in 1962 and began functioning as an independent unit the following year.


Pakistan Post Office Network

Through its extensive network of around 13,000 post offices in Pakistan, Pakistan Post can provide postal services to every nook and cranny of the country. Pakistan Post is now providing delivery services to about 20 million households and businesses as a community service.

In addition to its traditional function, Pakistan Post also serves as an agent on behalf of the federal government and various provincial governments. Its functions include the operation of a savings bank and postal life insurance, the collection of taxes, and the collection of bills for utilities such as electricity, water, sui gas, and telephone service.

Pakistan Post also provides a universal postal service network in harmony with the strategy of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to ensure the safe and timely delivery of mail, money, and material at an affordable cost through the utilisation of people, process, and technology, as well as innovative product offerings. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the best courier services in Pakistan.


Services provided by Pakistan Post Office


Pakistan Post is responsible for more than just a few different postal services.


Despite its name, Pakistan Post is responsible for more than just a few different postal services. Its scope of activity encompasses a wider range of domains.
The Pakistan Post is in a one-of-a-kind position to play an important part in the economic and social development of Pakistan as a result of its national identity, high brand awareness, and extensive network of post offices across the country.
It is the primary government agency tasked with carrying out the administration of fundamental policies. On behalf of a large number of federal and provincial government ministries, Pakistan Post is now offering a wide variety of services.


Mail Services
Regular MailStandard postal service for letters and packages.
Express PostExpedited delivery for time-sensitive documents and parcels.
Registered MailSecure mailing with tracking and delivery confirmation.
Financial Services
Postal Savings BankBanking services for savings and financial transactions.
Money OrdersSecure method for sending and receiving money domestically.
Electronic Money TransferFacilitates electronic funds transfer within the country.
Parcel Services
Domestic ParcelsDelivery of packages within Pakistan.
International ParcelsShipping parcels to destinations outside Pakistan.
Value Added Services
E-commerce SolutionsTailored services for online businesses and e-commerce.
Business SolutionsCustomized solutions for corporate clients.
Retail Services
PhilatelyCollection and sale of postage stamps.
Post ShopRetail outlets for postal and related services.
Technology Integration
Track and TraceOnline tracking system for parcels and letters.
E-postElectronic messaging service for sending letters online.
Other Services
Postal Life InsuranceInsurance coverage for individuals and businesses.
Bill PaymentsPayment of utility bills and other services.
Business Reply ServiceReturn mail solutions for businesses.


Express Post

A parcel that may include papers and other goods can be sent to its final location via the express mail service, which is a technique that guarantees delivery.
The company’s Express Mail service is the fastest domestic shipping option offered to the general public at reasonable pricing.

The following categories of services are included in it:

  • UMS: UMS is an overnight service that is both rapid and secure, although it may take up to two full business days for your mail to arrive at its destination. Tracking Pakistan’s post-UMS shipments is possible thanks to a computerised system.
  • EMS: It is for speedy postal article communication provided in numerous domestic regions. The maximum weight that this service may carry is around 30 kg.
    The EMS + service is significantly quicker and more cost-effective than the EMS. It also links 173 countries across the world. The number of its operational offices continues to expand. Most of the time, it just takes 72 hours to ship the package to its final destination.
  • FMS: The FMS uses contemporary means for the expedient and protected communication of postal documents.
  • For local and city-to-city services, UMS COD is available. It has launched its network in close to 226 distinct sites worldwide. It is a new service that will deliver the items purchased with an express post on the same day the service is purchased. Large metropolitan cities are the typical settings for its utilisation.


Financial Services


Pakistan provides financial services as well


The following postal services are included in Pakistan Express’s customer financial service.

  • FMO: The payment allowed through FMO is a safe and dependable service in the form of rupees. Users can send up to PKR 50,000/- to others using this platform. If the sum is more than 20,000 Pakistani Rupees, the Payee must pick it up at the postal office.
  • UMO: It is a quick and easy way to send money in Pakistan, and the payee will have the money delivered right to his or her door. It is an effective service and an excellent option for completing a money order in the shortest amount of time. The lowest amount that may be spent is PKR 20,000/-.
  • EMO: It is an acronym that stands for Electronic Money Order. EMO is a web-based electronic money order service known for its speed and reliability. It is one of the best online payement methods in Pakistan.


International Services by Pakistan Post Office

Pakistan Post is a government-run organization that provides postal services on both the local and international levels. It collaborates with other postal services to ensure that packages are delivered securely and dependably.

The Pakistan EMS service is operational in several countries, and packages containing items are transported to their final destination by an international courier.


Delivery Time

Pak Post provides customers in Pakistan with several delivery options, the appropriate one for each package being sent and the degree of urgency with which it must reach its final destination. Each delivery option has varying price points, which may also be contingent upon the type of items being sent.

The time it takes to deliver a package within the United States is typically approximately three working days for the primary domestic method. In addition, the Pakistan Postal Service can provide you with further information on the projected delivery time. Customers may also verify the status of their purchases by tracking their packages.

Time required for delivery of foreign packages Pakistan’s postal services also supports the delivery of standard international packages. It takes an average of five to six working days. However, the package’s actual delivery time depends on the recipient’s location and might take up to six days longer than expected. It will take more time to deliver the package to its final destination when it is sent from remote places.


How to Track Pak Post Parcels?

It is essential to note that Pak Post uses various metrics, partners, and logistics to ensure the safe and dependable delivery of items. This is the reason why post-processing becomes more complicated. People want to be able to monitor their packages and find out when they will arrive, even when they have a lot on their plates already.

After completing international and local tracking, several different approaches are utilised in Pakistan. No matter the postal service you select for your particular need, the Ship24 solution is a reliable way to use the comprehensive Pak postal tracking system from beginning to end.

Additionally, many apps for monitoring packages are currently operational, making it possible to monitor the delivery of millions of packages.

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