Pakistan Railways declares 20 locomotives operational

LAHORE: The Pakistan Railways (PR) declares 20 locomotives of 2,000HP operational. After rectification, they were declared fit as a US-based technical team updated the software of the 20 engines that were creating technical issues, and were tested during the commissioning phase.

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The PR, during the tenure of the former railway minister, had decided to purchase 75 locomotives from the US Company. Upon receipt of order, the company manufactured and supplied 55 freight-specific locomotives (worth over Rs350 million, and of 4,000 horsepower each) more than one year ago. About 20 locomotives of 2,000HP had been reported for software problems, which have been resolved by the company.

Along with the PR officials conducting the test run of these engines three times on various routes, PR’s technical officials were trained by the engineers including drivers and assistant drivers regarding appropriate operation of the engines.

In future, the company might replace these locomotives’ software in the problem reoccurs.

The company also replaced some faulty parts of more than 10 of the 55 engines (4,000HP) after receiving complaints on the complaint of the, after which the locomotives will be used for commercial operation shortly, informed an official.

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