PDM Rally Traffic Plan for Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Given the processions organized by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a traffic advisory has been issued by the city administration for the convenience of the daily commuters.

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The different marching points of the PDM rally are as follow:

  •   One of the rally will kick-off at 1100hrs from 26 Number Chungi and will travel towards Kashmir Chowk using Srinagar Highway.
  •   Another off-shoot of the rally will start from Allama Iqbal park, Murree Road at 1100hrs and will move towards Kashmir Road by Club Road.
  •   The final division of the rally will begin their march from Pindora at 1100hrs on IJP road and will move towards Kashmir Chowk.
  •   All the rallies will gather at Kashmir Chowk and will march towards ECP via Serena Chowk and Constitutional Avenue.


Diversion plan for commuters is as follows:

  •   The commuters of Red Zone will be rerouted on Margalla Road by the Traffic Police.
  •   Commuters moving towards Marriott Hotel will use Ayub Chowk.
  •   The daily commuters should bear in mind that the participants of the rally will also be entering the city through Faizabad, IJP Road, and Srinagar Highway. Therefore, the disruption in the traffic can be observed at this point.
  •   The parking of the Convention Center is reserved for the participants of the rally. Thus, the commuters moving around Serena and Kashmir Chowk should plan accordingly.


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