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It has been estimated that there are more than 390,000 species of vascular plants currently known to science that exist around the world. Around 94 per cent of these, 369,000 species are flowering plants, as identified in a report by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the United Kingdom. 

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Historically, plants have been an essential part of many homes. They are a source of pleasure, health, and stress release. While enhancing the overall appearance of your space, plants act as environment cleaners providing you with a cleaner, healthier atmosphere to breathe in. 

If you are looking to buy plants online in Pakistan but are unsure about the right place to purchase them from, this blog will guide you through all the available options. You can then easily choose the best vendor to order plants of your choice from the ease of your home.

However, before you place an order, it is essential to understand the wonderful benefits of making plants permanent dwellers in your home. 


Why are plants important for your house?

Even if your home lacks sufficient space for a lawn, incorporating greenery in the shape of plants can do wonders for your health as well as the indoor environment. Naturally, indoor plants add plenty of beauty to an area while providing an abundance of functional and nurturing benefits, for instance:

  • Improved mood
  • Stress reduction
  • Cleansing of air by absorbing harmful toxins and acting as little oxygen factories
  • Boosting mental health through relaxation and easing of heart rate
  • Making you feel connected with nature without having to step outside

Studies by reliable sources have also unveiled the fact that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity in humans, and that too by up to 15 per cent!


Where to buy plants online in Pakistan

Many of us look for ease when it comes to shopping. While many online shopping experiences turn out to be a discouraging ordeal, there are some very reliable and authentic online stores when it comes to buying plants online in Pakistan. 

These stores offer a diverse variety of seasonal and evergreen plants as well as other horticulture items. All of these online stores offer nationwide shipping of plants and related items. Additionally, some of these stores also provide gardening and landscaping services. 

The listing below identifies the most popular online plant stores in Pakistan.  


Fabeline Horticulture

Fabeline is an online horticulture website in Pakistan. It was established back in 2009 as a complete landscape design and maintenance firm offering sole contractor services to clients for all horticulture landscaping needs.

They operate through their online store, where you can find an extensive variety of plants and other horticulture items. 


Aziz Nursery Farm

Aziz Nursery Farm is based in Pattoki, Punjab, Pakistan. They claim to be the largest importers and growers of seedlings and plants in Pakistan.

You can find a variety of sections relating to plants and other horticulture products on their website. Some of their available classifications include indoor plants, outdoor plants, seedlings, shrubs, trees, bonsai, and much more. 


Plants Universe

This company provides a broad assortment of plants and accessories. This nursery is physically located in Faisalabad but accepts online orders from across the country.

Alongside plants, they also provide a number of gardening products and services. Moreover, Plant Universe provides free shipping to online customers on orders over Rs. 1000.

eTree has a dynamic approach to horticulture services. They sell plant products online, and also offer a number of horticulture services. eTree has a broad spectrum of plant species available on its online store. The store offers free delivery across Pakistan on orders exceeding Rs. 4000. call itself Pakistan’s number 1 online plant store. It falls within the dominion of online nurseries in Pakistan selling different varieties and types of plants, flowers, and other horticulture items. This company charges a flat figure of Rs. 199 on deliveries all across the country. 


Which plants should you order?

You cannot keep every plant at your home. There are special treatments and care that every plant needs. Some plant species are made for the wild, while some are to be kept away from your home. In contrast, there are some species that bring along beauty as well as natural benefits and are easy to look after as well.

Therefore, you need to be cautiously selective while choosing the best plant for your house. Mentioned below are some of the most popular plants that adapt well to the domestic environment of your home and need minimal care.


Ficus are popular houseplants that have been preferred by households for decades due to their striking appearance and their effectiveness at purifying indoor air. To keep a Ficus plant healthy, you need to ensure steady access to bright and indirect light, moist soil, and occasional misting.

Red-Edged Dracaena

Red-edged dracaena, more commonly known as dragon tree, is a very beautiful plant. While adding appeal to the interior of your house it is also useful for purifying the indoor air. A ref-edged dracaena can tolerate low light conditions; however, it is preferable that you keep this plant in a well-lit area. 

Snake Plant

The scientific species name of this plant is sansevieria trifasciata. A snake plant is hardy and adds a distinctive appeal to your decor with its upright, strap-like leaves.

It can survive even in low water and light environments, though it is ideal that you keep it in bright, indirect light.

Golden Pothos

This plant is easily available in many countries around the world, and you will see this placed inside many houses in Pakistan as well. It does well in low light and can survive even if you occasionally miss watering. This plant has the tendency to dry out in between the practice of regular watering. 

Peace Lily

The peace lily offers exclusive elegance and grace with its naturally gorgeous look. You should keep this in bright, indirect light however, it can survive easily in medium, indirect light as well.

You will get to know when it needs water by observing the droopiness in its leaves. Right after you water this plant, it will perk back up in response. Overall, it is a great plant to keep at home.


Bamboo Palm

If you are looking to add a tropical feel to your home then bamboo plants are a great choice. The bamboo palm, alternatively known as parlour palm prefers bright low, however, it can do very well in low light as long as you quench its thirst with enough water. A bamboo palm prefers high humidity levels, so place it on a tray of watered pebbles. 


Rubber Plant

It might be surprising for you to learn that rubber plants are related to ficus. Both these plants belong to the fig family. Rubber plants naturally nourish in bright to low indirect light. You need to ensure that they are kept moist. They prefer to be showered with room-temperature water.

However, you need to be careful about the fact that too much water can cause its leaves to turn pale yellow, therefore, avoid watering it too much and it will become one of the best plants in your house!


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