PM approves draft for local government law

Lahore: Prime Minister Imran Khan approved draft for the local government law that aims to revamp the administrative, financial and political structure of the respective authorities in Punjab.

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Punjab Local Government Secretary Saif Anjum briefed the PM, Punjab Cabinet members and parliamentary party members on the draft of LG law. It will introduce a two-tier administrative system; Panchayat at rural level and Neighbourhood councils at the lowest level of local government in urban areas. It will ensure that elected representatives move closer to people to make grass root development a possibility. The new law will be presented in the Punjab Assembly in its next session.

During a brief on the local government finances, Mr Raja said the funds would be transferred directly to urban local government, tehsil councils, Panchayat and Neighbourhood Councils. This will ensure greater transparency and efficiency.

In regards to this however, Rs40 billion from one-third of Association for Development of Pakistan (ADP) funds would be transferred to panchayats and neighbourhood councils for local development, said Law and Local Government Minister Basharat Raja.

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