PM hails promising potential of tourism in Pakistan

PM hails promising potential of tourism in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Just days after Conde Nast Traveller declared Pakistan the top holiday destination for 2020, Wanderlust – another renowned travel magazine based in the UK – not only included Pakistan in its 2020 Hot List, but also separately published a list of various ‘breathtaking’ natural wonders of the country.

The developments have not gone unnoticed, with Prime Minister Imran Khan featuring the article on his official Twitter account while heaping praise on the unmatched natural beauty of Pakistan.

“Pakistan is a land of unimaginable beauty, hidden natural wonders and untapped tourism potential,” he wrote.

The tweet is a reflection of the PM’s frequent reiteration to develop a sustainable framework that would take tourism industry in Pakistan to new heights.

“From our beaches in the south to Fairy Meadows in the north, and the rich history of our land, Pakistan has unlimited potential for developing eco-friendly tourism. This is a commitment we are determined to fulfil,” reads one of his tweets on the subject.

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