PM Imran Khan to launch 15 public interest initiatives

PM IMran Khan to launch 15 public interest initiatives

ISLAMABAD:  In an effort to restore public trust, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to launch 15 public interest initiatives, media reported.

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Sources have revealed that the PM has taken notice of the growing unpopularity of his party. To redress the worsening situation, he has decided to introduce policies which would serve larger public interest.


Major Public Interest Initiatives

  • The deadline to deposit gas and electricity bills will be extended from 6 days to 15 days.
  • Criteria for the appointment of class-IV employees in the federal government would be finalised on priority.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs was directed to make efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the services that are being offered to Pakistani workers by Pakistani missions abroad, which include introduction of a queue management system.
  • The Aviation Division was directed to develop and launch a mobile app for weather updates for farmers and the general public within the next month.
  • The Communication Division was directed to establish four dedicated driving license centres in collaboration with UAE, Qatar and other gulf countries to furnish employment opportunities within one month.
  • Ministry of National Health Service Regulation and Coordination was directed to ensure the installation of an automated queue management/token system at the OPDs (Out Patient Department) of all the hospitals.
  • The Economic Affairs Division was directed to firm up a pilot project to assess the water transmission system in the country with the help of Japan in the next month.
  • Effective legislation against child pornography and abuse will be formulated without any delay.
  • The Law Division will launch “Imran Khan Legal Helpline Email” to provide help and assistance to victims of child abuse and other injustices within one week.
  • The Overseas Pakistan Division was directed to launch “Call Sarzameen” mobile phone app within 15 days.

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