Procedure and documents required for attaining the permission of mortgage of a property

Mortgage of property

A person looking to attain permission for mortgaging a house or property should have the information beforehand pertaining to the procedures of mortgage of property set by CDA. The procedure and documents required are listed below

In case of a plot, an agreement to be executed with CDA

  •         Copy of Site Plan and an application addressing Director Estate Management, CDA requesting for the permission.

In case of house and other constructed property:

  •         Initiating a Conveyance Deed or Lease Deed with CDA
  •         The cost of stamp paper will be at the rate of Rs.40/ per thousand at the original price of the plot
  •         In case of commercial or industrial plot in addition to the cost of plot plus annual ground rate paid and ten          year advance.
  •        A timeline of two days is set for the execution of the Agreement and Conveyance Deed.

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