Procedure for issuance of transfer letter on same day

Issuance of transfer letter

An individual can apply for the issuance of transfer letter from CDA on urgent basis by following a certain procedure. The procedure is explained below.

  •         A fee of Rs, 10,000/ has to be paid for the urgent issue of the transfer letter. Additional charges may also be applied.
  •         In the case of urgent issuance of the transfer letter allottee or attorney should submit the Transfer Application form along with documents to Assistant Director (Admitting) before 10:00 am.
  •         If the required documents are in order, the application will be processed on the same day before 1200hrs.
  •         Assistant Director (Admitting) will send the file to the concerned section of Estate-Management-I or II directorate through a special messenger.
  •         The section will prepare transfer proposal and transfer letter and submit the Deputy Director vested with the authority to approve the transfer proposal.
  •         The transfer letter will be delivered by the R&I branch of Estate Management-I or II Directorate at One Window Operation counter between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  •         In case of not receiving the letter on the same day, the letters can be received next day.

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