Procedure for Transfer of Plot/ Property

CDA sets a certain procedure for the transfer of a Plot/Property, which an allottee or transferee should have an insight of beforehand.  For ease, has listed below the procedural guidelines necessary for the assistance of a buyer and seller

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1. As a prerequisite, an allottee and transferee should fill the ‘Transfer Application Form’, which both parties have to buy from the ‘Front Office‘ or ‘One Window Operation‘ of CDA.
The application form costs Rs150 (asset by CDA).


2. After filling in the application form, the original Offeror Transfer Letter has to be attached with the application. The transferor must give in the original allotment letter to CDA.


3. Transfer Fee according to the set rates in the form of a Pay Order has to be given at the time of transfer.


4. The attested CNIC copies of allottee; and in case of the attorney, the attested CNIC copy of attorney has also to be incorporated with the application form.
Similarly, on the side of the transferor; the attested CNIC copy, and in case of an attorney, the attested CNIC copy is also to be added with the transfer form. Furthermore, the attested CNIC copy of the attesting officer is also required with the application form.


5. An allottee/ attorney should provide thumb impressions besides the provision of three specimen signatures.


6. Two attested photographs to be provided by both the parties.


7. An Indemnity Bond/ Affidavit/ Undertaking to be produced by both entities on the Judicial Stamp Paper, costing Rs.30/ by a verified Notary Public/ Oath Commissioner and attested by the first class magistrate. In case of Oustee of village Sheikhpur, a supplementary indemnity bond has also to be provided.


8. The unoccupied plots are relieved from taking Non-Objection Certificates (NOC) from the Revenue department.


9. Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Building Control Section to be attached for showing compliance with the building rules.


10. An acceptance letter of CDA, and an affidavit by the attorney proving the aliveness of the allottee and operative of the attorney.


11. NOC from loan agency if the loan is availed from a financing entity.


12. Special Power of Attorney to be attested by the Embassy of Pakistan/ High Commission/ Consulate if the transferee is abroad. Attested copies of CNIC and Passport also to be attached.


13. NIC copies of witnesses, and in case of duplicate NIC and difference of signatures an affidavit attested by Oath Commissioner/ Notary Public counter verified by the first-class magistrate to be submitted along with the application form.


14. If the allottee is female, documentary proof of blood relation to identifying the allottee.


15. If the plot or property allotted by CDA is in the name of Oustee of Islamabad, an affidavit endorsed by CDA and attested by Notary Public/ Oath Commissioner countersigned by the first-class magistrate to be attached with the application.


16. In case the allottee is a government servant, NOC from the department is required.


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