Pros and Cons of Using Teak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

For people who love to explore outdoor furniture options for their homes, teak wood furniture is a common choice. The wood has a dense volume and is obtained from the Tectona grandis tree, found in the Tropical region – of Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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What makes teak wood ideal for use in outdoor furniture is its impeccable durability and tendency to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Besides this, the wood comes along with a sleek and elegant finish, making it rank at the higher end of the budget spectrum.

Because of its less availability and quality, Teak wood price in Pakistan is very high as compared to other wood options, to confirm that you can visit famous furniture brands’ websites in Pakistan.

Moreover, Burma Teak wood is considered the best Teakwood species. This being the reason, people often go for the option of Burma Teak wood furniture for their houses. In short, use of teakwood is increasing by leaps and bounds.

If you are interested in opting for teak wood outdoor furniture, there are some factors that you need to consider before making a final decision., Pakistan’s smartest property portal gives you a complete list of all the pros and cons of using Teak wood for outdoor furniture.


Teak Wood ColourNaturally Golden-brown and darkens overtime
Tree Height100-130 ft (30-40 m)
Native RegionTropical Region – Southeast Asia & Latin America
Uses of TeakOutdoor, indoor furniture, cutting boards, flooring, and boat decks.

Some Benefits of Using Teak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Teak Wood remains a preferred choice of wood for furniture amongst the majority of people. But here the question comes in, why is it preferred?

To this, the answer lies in its multiple natural properties that make teak wood one of the most suitable options for outdoor furniture.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that teak wood outdoor furniture has for you.

Natural Weather Resistant


Image of Outdoor Teak Wood furniture


Teak wood is naturally composed of an excess of natural oils and rubber, that is locked inside its wood grains. This composition makes the wood sturdy and weather resistant.

Besides its composition, the wood also contains natural oils and moisture, which are preserved while the process of cutting it down and its processing. Due to this conservation of oils in the wood, teak furniture does not dry rot easily, which is contrarily a common phenomenon amongst old furniture.

Before using the wood to make furniture, teak wood is dried down to a moisture level of 10% of its original moisture content. This is what enhances its ability to stand harsh weather conditions, hence making it more desirable for outdoor furniture.

However, any furniture made out of this wood needs to be handled with proper care. This care needs to be for protecting it against the weather, and parasites.


Guard Against Termites and Fungi


image of Wood Termite


After the process of making wooden furniture is complete, it is further refined by polishing it with waterproof oils from time to time. This protects the furniture against natural invaders like termites and fungi.

The presence of natural oils not only shields the wood against the weather but also guards it against the pests like termites, hence increasing its durability.

For teak furniture, polishing is not necessarily required to keep it free of natural insects. Having teak wood furniture liberates you from this duty of polishing it again and again reducing cost and time.



Teak wood is suitable for making outdoor furniture and floorings because of its useful qualities. These include sturdiness, strength and the quality of being unbendable.

The average weight of dried Teak wood is 41 lbs / ft3 (655 kg/m3). The dense and close-wood grains enhance its strength, making it withstand the harsh rays of the sun.

In addition to this, the natural oils of teak wood protect the furniture against harsh weather conditions. These aforementioned properties add to the durability and long life of your outdoor teak furniture.



Due to the versatile and sturdy qualities of teakwood, a large variety of patio and outdoor furniture is made from it. However, interestingly, the demand for interior furniture in this type of wood is also increasing.

Nowadays, teakwood dining tables, chairs and bed frames are becoming increasingly popular. The furniture can be left in its natural form, polished, stained, waxed, etc. based on your preference, and style of it.


Low Maintenance


A person cleaning wooden table


Because of its high demand, Teak wood price in Pakistan remains a costly expenditure for your outdoor furniture.

However, the purchase of Teak wood furniture can be taken as a one-time investment if you have the budget. The reason for this is that its natural weather-resistant properties make it extremely durable and require low maintenance.

To clean the surface of the furniture, you can take a lint-free duster and simply dust off the dirt. Teak wood furniture, as mentioned above, does not require polishing or waxing, hence you don’t have to worry about that too.


Heat Insulation

Teak wood provides very good insulation properties. In summers, it keeps the furniture from absorbing heat, and also retains warmth during winters.

The temperature inside the house can be controlled using different means, however, the outside weather and temperature can not be controlled artificially. For this, teak wood is an ideal choice for making outdoor furniture.


Aesthetic Appeal


an outdoor Teak wood arm chair


In addition to its usefulness, the aesthetic appeal of Teak wood is also a big plus for people who want to decorate their patio and outdoor space with tasteful furniture. The natural colour of this wood is golden-brown, giving the furniture an elevated look whilst enhancing your outdoor space.

Another quality that makes it look more aesthetic is its smooth and shiny texture. This characteristic smoothness is achieved as a result of its retained natural oils.

According to Ryan from, teakwood is one of the best materials that can be used in the making of outdoor furniture.


Some Drawbacks of Buying Teak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Now that we have discussed the pros of using teak wood for outdoor furniture, let’s go through some of the drawbacks of this wood. These are as follows.


High Price


a hand holding cash(money)


Owing to its superior performance and exceptional qualities, teak wood furniture can be quite expensive, particularly Burma Teak wood furniture.
Following the global trend of being pricey, Burma Teak wood price in Pakistan is also very high. Other factors that add to its high cost include the scarcity of natural resources i.e. teak wood trees.


Scarcity of Teak Wood Trees


image of Teak wood tree


The natural resources of Teak wood are decreasing with every passing day, because of which this particular type of wood is not readily available for making furniture.
What causes this scarcity is the fact that Teak wood is a slow-growing timber and is not easily harvested, so the supply of it does not match its high demand.




a person drilling a piece of wood


As the density of Teak wood is high, it is quite difficult to work with it. Curving and cutting this wood requires sharp-edged tools. Moreover, the carpenters sometimes need to do pre-drilling before putting nails, and screws.
The presence of excessive natural oil in teak wood makes it difficult to use glue on it. The surface should be wiped using a solvent before glueing or finishing.

Furniture, be it outdoor or indoor is that element in your house that can elevate or bring down its vibe. Before buying patio furniture for your house you should know about its pros and cons, along with top furniture designs and avoid making a hasty decision.

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