PTA advises illegal housing societies against social media ads

PTA advises illegal housing societies against social media ads

ISLAMABAD: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approached Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to curb the digital and social media advertisements of illegal housing societies.

According to PTA’s press release, the actions followed Lahore High Court’s writ petition as per the 30th March 2022 order issuing greater control over illegal housing advertisements.

PTA would officially go after the housing societies that function without a proper No Object Certificate (NOC) and nevertheless conduct online advertisements on digital and social media platforms.

Such societies had been strictly advised to refrain from digital advertising activities or else PTA would take action against them as per its legal mandate.

Sources further revealed that LDA had forwarded its concerns via the Ministry of Communication. The action mostly stemmed from the growing need to lower the multiplying illegal societies, especially in Lahore and the twin cities.

Furthermore, the Punjab Government had directed the relevant authorities to preserve the green areas, buffer zones, and agricultural land. No housing society can be approved until or unless the residential site development zones are complied with as per Punjab Local Government Land Use Plan Rules 2020.