Punjab govt launches ‘Smart City Lahore’ project

LAHORE: To implement urban lifestyle through finer transport systems and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the Punjab government launched a pilot project of ‘Smart City Lahore’.

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Chief operating officer of Punjab Safe City Authority, Kamran Khan, in a talk with Dawn, said that the government granted approval to the Metro Corporation Lahore (MCL)  for the launch of the Smart City Lahore project at two locations, MM Alam Road and Liberty Market.

In collaboration with Nokia, the authorities also signed an MOU at Dubai Expo 2020. 


According to the smart city project document, the project will look into three areas of concern, i.e. efficiency, sustainability, and mobility. The project aims to provide the citizens with a high level of service, make the city more environmentally friendly, make travel easy and hassle-free for the public, make Lahore publicly safe and secure, make fully integrated health care systems to bridge the gap between both and lastly to digitise the energy sector and manage to make the best use of water.


The project’s objective is to improve the quality of life for citizens and a vast economic growth by the use of intelligent applications.


Kamran stated that on MM Alam Road, Nokia’s smart systems would be installed free of cost. Sensors for traffic monitoring will be installed to monitor traffic points, making travel easy remotely. Sensors for waste collection will be installed for providing time monitoring to the waste management authority. Nokia, free of cost, will install these smart systems.

According to Kamran, this technology will also enable remote management of water and gas meters. Home users will be notified for providing consumption analytics or in case of leakage.


The project will be sponsored by Punjab Local government and community development department (LG&CD), and the city mayor or administrator will head it.

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