Punjab University Jhelum 

Punjab University Jehlum Campus (PUJC) is a sub-campus of the prestigious University of the Punjab, Lahore, located in Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 2012 and is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The campus offers undergraduate Law, Management, Commerce, and Computer Science programs.

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Established in 2012, the University of the Punjab, Jhelum Campus (PUJC) is a branch of the renowned University of the Punjab in Lahore. Situated on Jhelum’s Grand Trunk Road, PUJC offers undergraduate Law, Commerce, Management, and Computer Science undergraduate programs. Recognized by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission, PUJC aspires to be a centre of academic excellence, attracting and nurturing talented minds for future leadership roles. 


Navigating to Punjab University Jhelum Campus


Punjab university Jhelum

Since Punjab University Jhelum Campus sits on the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road), navigating within the city or from nearby areas is relatively straightforward. Here’s a breakdown of your options: 

  • Public Bus: Several public buses travel along the GT Road, connecting nearby towns and cities to Jhelum. Look for buses with destinations like “Gujrat,” “Sarai Alamgir,” or “Lahore” as these will most likely pass by the PU Jhelum Campus. Inform the conductor beforehand, and they’ll tell you where to disembark. 
  • Private Van Services: Some private van services might operate routes connecting nearby towns or villages to Jhelum. Inquire locally about such services and their drop-off points near the university. 
  • Ride-hailing Apps: Ride-hailing services like Careem or Uber are convenient options for reaching the campus from nearby areas. These offer door-to-door service and might be more comfortable, especially with luggage. 

Departments & Faculties  

Faculty Departments 
Arts and Humanities Department of English  
Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences Administrative Sciences

Business Administration  

Commerce Department of Commerce  
Computing & Information Technology Department of Information Technology  
Law Department of Law  

Programs Offered at Punjab University Jhelum 

Faculty of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences Business Administration Graduate, BBA (Hons) 4Years (Morning / Replica / Self-Supporting) 
Faculty of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences Business Administration Graduate, BS Management (Morning Program) 
 Faculty of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences Business Administration Graduate, BS Management (Replica / Self-Supporting Program) 
Graduate, B.Com (Hons) 4Years (Morning / Replica / Self-Supporting) 
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology Information Technology Graduate, BS Computer Science (Hons) 4Years (Morning / Replica / Self-Supporting) 
Faculty of Law Law Graduate, LL.B 5 Years Morning Program 
Faculty of Science Information Technology  Graduate, BS Computer Science (Hons) 4Years (Morning / Replica / Self-Supporting) 

Independent Centre 

Here is the complete list of Independent Centres at the Punjab University Jhelum campus.

  • Centre for Civility & Integrity Development 
  • Centre for Social Development & Social Entrepreneurship (CSDSE) 
  • Centre for Research on Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Skill Development Centre (SDC) 
  • Regional Integration Centre (RIC) 
  • Women Development Centre (WDC) 

History of Punjab University 

The University of Punjab boasts a long and fascinating history that stretches back to the middle of the 19th century. Here’s a look at its founding and some key milestones: 


Seeds of Education (1850s)

The idea for the university began in 1854, fueled by a dispatch from Sir Charles Wood (later Lord Halifax) that stressed the importance of higher learning in India. 


Early Developments and First College (1860s) 

The Department of Public Instruction in Punjab was established in the 1850s. A crucial step towards the university’s creation came in 1869 with the founding of Punjab University College. 


Formal University Established (1882)

The University of the Punjab officially came into being in 1882, with the first meeting of its Senate held at Simla. It was the fourth university set up by the British in the subcontinent. However, unlike the preceding three universities, which only functioned as examining bodies, Punjab University was unique from the start, serving as both a teaching and examining institution. 


A University Rooted in Change

The university emerged in the aftermath of the 1857 War of Independence, and its creation can be partly attributed to the desire for higher education among the people of Punjab. The university has witnessed significant evolution over time, with many institutions that were once affiliated with it, like Government College University Lahore, becoming independent universities in their own right. 



Following are some of the FAQs 


Is it a public or private university?

The University of the Punjab is a public university.

When was it established?

The University of the Punjab was officially inaugurated in 1882.


What are some of the faculties offered?

The university offers various faculties, including Business, Economics, Commerce, Law, Science, and Information Technology.


Does the university have any campuses besides the main campus?

As mentioned in the previous table, the university has multiple campuses, including one in Jhelum.


What are the different program durations (e.g., four years, five years)?

Programs vary in length, with some undergraduate programs lasting four years (Hons) and others like Law being five years.


Are there different program options (e.g., Morning, Replica, Self-Supporting)?

Yes, some programs offer various options, such as Morning (a regular program), Replica (possibly a satellite program mirroring the main campus curriculum), and Self-Supporting (potentially with additional fees).


Does the university offer scholarships?

The university likely offers scholarships. You can check their website or contact them directly for details.


What is the application process for international students?

Specific information on the application process for international students might be available on the university website.


What are the hostel facilities like?

Information on hostel availability and facilities can be found on the university’s website or by contacting their student services department.


What are some notable alumni of the University of the Punjab?

The university has a rich history and likely boasts many distinguished alums. You can search online for a list of prominent graduates.

This was all about Punjab University Jhelum. For more information, visit Graana.com.

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