Ramadan 2023: Iftar Time in Islamabad

iftar time in Islamabad

Today Iftar Time in Islamabad

Ramadan 2023DateIftar Time (Hanfiya)Iftar Time (Jafariya)
325 March 20236:24 PM6:34 PM


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Ramadan, a holy month in Islam, is observed differently due to variations in the Islamic and Gregorian calendars. As a result, residents of Islamabad often consult the Ramadan calendar, 2023, to determine the times for Iftar and Sehri, which can vary yearly.

Graana.com has discussed the iftar time in Islamabad, its importance during Ramadan, and some important tips.


Ramadan Calendar 2023 Islamabad| Sehri o Iftar Time in Islamabad


Ramadan Calendar Islamabad 2023


  Fiqa HanfiFiqa Jafri
RozaDateSehri TimeIftar TimeSehri TimeIftar Time

1st Ashra Dua

يَا حَيُّ يَا قَيُّوْمُ بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيْث

123 Mar 202304:34 AM6:22 PM04:24 AM6:32 PM
224 Mar 202304:33 AM6:23 PM04:23 AM6:33 PM
325 Mar 202304:31 AM6:24 PM04:21 AM6:34 PM
426 Mar 202304:30 AM6:24 PM04:20 AM6:34 PM
527 Mar 202304:28 AM6:25 PM04:18 AM6:35 PM
628 Mar 202304:27 AM6:26 PM04:17 AM6:36 PM
729 Mar 202304:25 AM6:27 PM04:15 AM6:37 PM
830 Mar 202304:24 AM6:27 PM04:14 AM6:37 PM
931 Mar 202304:22 AM6:28 PM04:12 AM6:38 PM
1001 Apr 202304:21 AM6:29 PM04:11 AM6:39 PM

2nd Ashra Dua

أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللَّهَ الْعَظِيمَ الَّذِي لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ الْحَيُّ الْْقَيُّومُ وَ أَتُوبُ إِلَيْهِ

1102 Apr 202304:19 AM6:30 PM04:11 AM6:40 PM
1203 Apr 202304:18 AM6:30 PM04:09 AM6:40 PM
1304 Apr 202304:16 AM6:31 PM04:08 AM6:41 PM
1405 Apr 202304:15 AM6:32 PM04:06 AM6:42 PM
1506 Apr 202304:13 AM6:33 PM04:05 AM6:43 PM
1607 Apr 202304:12 AM6:33 PM04:03 AM6:43 PM
1708 Apr 202304:10 AM6:34 PM04:02 AM6:44 PM
1809 Apr 202304:09 AM6:35 PM04:00 AM6:45 PM
1910 Apr 202304:07 AM6:36 PM03:59 AM6:46 PM
2011 Apr 202304:06 AM6:36 PM03:57 AM6:46 PM

3rd Ashra Dua

اَللَّهُمَّ أَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ

2112 Apr 202304:04 AM6:37 PM04:13 AM6:47 PM
2213 Apr 202304:03 AM6:38 PM04:12 AM6:48 PM
2314 Apr 202304:01 AM6:39 PM04:11 AM6:49 PM
2415 Apr 202304:00 AM6:39 PM04:09 AM6:49 PM
2516 Apr 202303:58 AM6:40 PM04:08 AM6:50 PM
2617 Apr 202303:57 AM6:41 PM04:07 AM6:51 PM
2718 Apr 202303:55 AM6:42 PM04:05 AM6:52 PM
2819 Apr 202303:54 AM6:42 PM04:04 AM6:52 PM
2920 Apr 202303:52 AM6:43 PM04:03 AM6:53 PM
3021 Apr 202303:51 AM6:44 PM04:01 AM6:54 PM


Iftar Time in Islamabad


Quran lantern and moon


Residents of Islamabad who observe Ramadan can stay informed about the upcoming month’s fasting schedule by using the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Islamabad.

The following table enumerates the iftar timings of both Jafariya and Hanfiya in Ramadan 2023.


Ramadan 2023DateIftar Time (Hanfiya)Iftar Time (Jafariya)
123 March 20236:22 PM6:32 PM
224 March 20236:23 PM6:33 PM
325 March 20236:24 PM6:34 PM
426 March 20236:24 PM6:34 PM
527 March 20236:25 PM6:35 PM
628 March 20236:26 PM6:36 PM
729 March 20236:27 PM6:37 PM
830 March 20236:27 PM6:37 PM
931 March 20236:28 PM6:38 PM
1001 April 20236:29 PM6:39 PM
1102 April 20236:30 PM6:40 PM
1203 April 20236:30 PM6:40 PM
1304 April 20236:31 PM6:41 PM
1405 April 20236:32 PM6:42 PM
1506 April 20236:33 PM6:43 PM
1607 April 20236:33 PM6:43 PM
1708 April 20236:34 PM6:44 PM
1809 April 20236:35 PM6:45 PM
1910 April 20236:36 PM6:46 PM
2011 April 20236:36 PM6:46 PM
2112 April 20236:37 PM6:47 PM
2213 April 20236:38 PM6:48 PM
2314 April 20236:39 PM6:49 PM
2415 April 20236:39 PM6:49 PM
2516 April 20236:40 PM6:50 PM
2617 April 20236:41 PM6:51 PM
2718 April 20236:42 PM6:52 PM
2819 April 20236:42 PM6:52 PM
2920 April 20236:43 PM6:53 PM
3021 April 20236:44 PM6:54 PM


It is important to note that Sehri and Iftar times in Islamabad may vary slightly depending on the specific location.


It is important to note that Sehri and Iftar times in Islamabad may vary slightly depending on the specific location. As a general rule, it is recommended to stop eating before the Sehri time listed on the Ramadan calendar, typically a few minutes before the designated time.

Similarly, for Iftar time in Islamabad, it is recommended to break the fast a couple of minutes after the time listed on the calendar, as this allows for any potential differences in timing between locations.

By following these guidelines, Muslims in Islamabad can observe the fast properly and by the teachings of Islam.

The timing for Iftar in Islamabad can vary slightly across different areas, especially those that are farther apart. However, the benefit of using the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Islamabad is that it applies to various sectors of the city, such as A-17, B-17, F-6, F-7, F-8, F-9, G-11, I-10, and I-11.

Therefore, individuals living in any of these areas can rely on the same calendar to determine the appropriate time for Iftar during Ramadan.


Namaz Timing in Ramadan 2023

Gregorian DateHijri DateFajrZhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
March 23, 2023Ramadan 1, 144405:18 (PKT)12:39 (PKT)16:05 (PKT)18:43 (PKT)20:00 (PKT)
March 24, 2023Ramadan 2, 144405:17 (PKT)12:38 (PKT)16:05 (PKT)18:44 (PKT)20:00 (PKT)
March 25, 2023Ramadan 3, 144405:16 (PKT)12:38 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:44 (PKT)20:01 (PKT)
March 26, 2023Ramadan 4, 144405:15 (PKT)12:38 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:45 (PKT)20:01 (PKT)
March 27, 2023Ramadan 5, 144405:14 (PKT)12:37 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:45 (PKT)20:02 (PKT)
March 28, 2023Ramadan 6, 144405:13 (PKT)12:37 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:46 (PKT)20:02 (PKT)
March 29, 2023Ramadan 7, 144405:12 (PKT)12:37 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:46 (PKT)20:03 (PKT)
March 30, 2023Ramadan 8, 144405:10 (PKT)12:37 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:47 (PKT)20:03 (PKT)
March 31, 2023Ramadan 9, 144405:09 (PKT)12:36 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:47 (PKT)20:04 (PKT)
April 1, 2023Ramadan 10, 144405:08 (PKT)12:36 (PKT)16:04 (PKT)18:47 (PKT)20:04 (PKT)
April 2, 2023Ramadan 11, 144405:07 (PKT)12:36 (PKT)16:03 (PKT)18:48 (PKT)20:05 (PKT)
April 3, 2023Ramadan 12, 144405:06 (PKT)12:35 (PKT)16:03 (PKT)18:48 (PKT)20:05 (PKT)
April 4, 2023Ramadan 13, 144405:05 (PKT)12:35 (PKT)16:03 (PKT)18:49 (PKT)20:06 (PKT)
April 5, 2023Ramadan 14, 144405:04 (PKT)12:35 (PKT)16:03 (PKT)18:49 (PKT)20:06 (PKT)
April 6, 2023Ramadan 15, 144405:03 (PKT)12:34 (PKT)16:03 (PKT)18:50 (PKT)20:07 (PKT)
April 7, 2023Ramadan 16, 144405:01 (PKT)12:34 (PKT)16:02 (PKT)18:50 (PKT)20:07 (PKT)
April 8, 2023Ramadan 17, 144405:00 (PKT)12:34 (PKT)16:02 (PKT)18:50 (PKT)20:08 (PKT)
April 9, 2023Ramadan 18, 144404:59 (PKT)12:34 (PKT)16:02 (PKT)18:51 (PKT)20:09 (PKT)
April 10, 2023Ramadan 19, 144404:58 (PKT)12:33 (PKT)16:02 (PKT)18:51 (PKT)20:09 (PKT)
April 11, 2023Ramadan 20, 144404:57 (PKT)12:33 (PKT)16:02 (PKT)18:52 (PKT)20:10 (PKT)
April 12, 2023Ramadan 21, 144404:56 (PKT)12:33 (PKT)16:01 (PKT)18:52 (PKT)20:10 (PKT)
April 13, 2023Ramadan 22, 144404:55 (PKT)12:33 (PKT)16:01 (PKT)18:53 (PKT)20:11 (PKT)
April 14, 2023Ramadan 23, 144404:54 (PKT)12:32 (PKT)16:01 (PKT)18:53 (PKT)20:11 (PKT)
April 15, 2023Ramadan 24, 144404:53 (PKT)12:32 (PKT)16:01 (PKT)18:53 (PKT)20:12 (PKT)
April 16, 2023Ramadan 25, 144404:51 (PKT)12:32 (PKT)16:00 (PKT)18:54 (PKT)20:13 (PKT)
April 17, 2023Ramadan 26, 144404:50 (PKT)12:32 (PKT)16:00 (PKT)18:54 (PKT)20:13 (PKT)
April 18, 2023Ramadan 27, 144404:49 (PKT)12:31 (PKT)16:00 (PKT)18:55 (PKT)20:14 (PKT)
April 19, 2023Ramadan 28, 144404:48 (PKT)12:31 (PKT)16:00 (PKT)18:55 (PKT)20:14 (PKT)
April 20, 2023Ramadan 29, 144404:47 (PKT)12:31 (PKT)15:59 (PKT)18:56 (PKT)20:15 (PKT)
April 21, 2023Ramadan 30, 144404:46 (PKT)12:31 (PKT)15:59 (PKT)18:56 (PKT)20:16 (PKT)


Holiness of Ramadan


Muslims offering prayer in masjid


Ramadan is a special time in Islamabad, as it allows individuals to come together and observe the holy month with devotion and dedication. During Sehri time, the city is filled with peace and tranquility, as individuals wake up early to have their meal before beginning their fast.

Similarly, at Iftar time, the city comes alive with unity and prosperity as families and friends gather to break their fast together. The atmosphere and environment of Islamabad during Ramadan enhance the overall experience of this holy month, making it an exceptional and memorable time for all.

The people of Islamabad eagerly prepare for the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan by making special arrangements. Many individuals begin their preparations weeks in advance.

During this month of blessings, people strive to perform numerous good deeds and engage in acts of kindness. Many individuals try to help the needy and the poor by giving charity and providing food, which embodies the true spirit of the month of Ramadan.

Overall, the people of Islamabad embrace the spirit of Ramadan by making the most of this special time to cultivate a greater sense of community, compassion, and devotion.


Significance of Iftar Time

Iftar time marks the end of the day-long fast and is a time of celebration and gratitude. Muslims break their fast with dates and water, a Sunnah (prophetic tradition) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

After the dates and water, a meal is usually served, known as the Iftar meal. This meal is often shared with family, friends, and neighbors, and it is a time of community, fellowship, and togetherness.

Iftar time is also significant because it is a time for Muslims to practice gratitude and show compassion towards others. Muslims are encouraged to share their food with those who are less fortunate, and it is common to see Iftar tents set up for this purpose during Ramadan.

These tents are open to everyone, regardless of their religion or background, and they serve as a symbol of the generosity and hospitality that is so deeply ingrained in Islamic tradition.

Moreover, Iftar time holds a spiritual significance as well. Muslims believe this is when Allah is particularly receptive to their prayers and supplications.

It is a time for introspection, reflection, and a chance to seek forgiveness for sins committed during the day. It is believed that the gates of heaven are open during this time and that Allah’s mercy and blessings are particularly abundant.


Iftar Dua


Making dua during Iftar time is a way for Muslims to seek Allah's blessings, guidance, and forgiveness.


Making dua during Iftar time is a way for Muslims to seek Allah’s blessings, guidance, and forgiveness. It is an opportunity to connect with Allah and to ask for His help and protection.

Muslims believe that dua is a powerful tool that can bring about positive changes in their lives and that it is a way to express their gratitude and reliance on Allah.

A dua or supplication during Iftar time is also a way to show gratitude for the blessings of food and drink that Allah has provided. Muslims recognize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to such necessities, and making dua for these blessings serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion, empathy, and generosity.


“Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu wa ‘ala rizq-ika aftarthu”

Translation: “O Allah, I fasted for You, and I believe in You, and I break my fast with Your sustenance.”

“Allahumma taqabbal minna innaka antas Samee-ul-‘Aleem”

Translation: “O Allah, accept it from us, indeed You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.”


Celebrating Ramadan in Islamabad

Ramadan is celebrated all around the world. The residents of Islamabad understand the essence of the month of Ramadan and come together to share their meals during Sehri and Iftar time. Typically, individuals enjoy their Sehri meals at home with their families.

The Faisal Mosque is a well-known location where people gather to break their fast, either by sharing Iftar boxes with others or by coming together to break their fast in a communal setting. This sense of unity and togetherness during Ramadan reflects the importance of community and the spirit of generosity central to the holy month.

In addition to sharing meals during Sehri and Iftar time, people in Islamabad also organise iftar parties at their homes, where they gather with friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

Furthermore, Iftar drives are often organised to assist those in need. The spirit of Ramadan brings a sense of peace, unity, and blessings to everyone in Islamabad, and Muslims throughout the city can experience the many blessings of the month, which bring them closer to their faith and each other.

The holy month of Ramadan is typically 29 or 30 days long, divided into ten segments known as Ashra, each with a different theme, such as mercy, forgiveness, and salvation. One of the virtues of fasting during Ramadan is that it instills a desire to give to those in need.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known for his incredible generosity, particularly during the month of Ramadan. Muslims worldwide strive to follow his example by helping others, particularly with the basic need of food, during this holy month.

This spirit of giving and compassion is a central part of the Ramadan experience. It serves to bring people together in a shared commitment to helping others and spreading kindness and compassion throughout the community.

To read more about iftar menu ideas for Ramadan, visit Graana Blog.


Here are some FAQs related to Iftar time in Islamabad


What is the method used to determine Iftar time in Islamabad?

Iftar time in Islamabad is determined by using the Islamic prayer calendar. The calendar provides the timing for Iftar and other prayer times based on the location and time of year.


How does the variation in the time of sunset affect Iftar time in Islamabad?

Iftar time in Islamabad is affected by the variation in the time of sunset due to the changing seasons. In the summer months, Iftar time is later than in the winter months. This variation is important to consider when breaking fasts during Ramadan.


What are some reliable sources for determining Iftar time in Islamabad?

Some reliable sources for determining Iftar time in Islamabad include the Islamic prayer calendar, as well as various apps and websites that provide daily updates on prayer times, such as IslamicFinder and Prayer Times Islamabad.


What is the etiquette for breaking the fast at Iftar time in Islamabad?

The etiquette for breaking the fast at Iftar time in Islamabad includes reciting a dua (prayer), eating dates or other foods, and offering a brief period of silent reflection or prayer. It is also customary to share food with others, especially those in need.


Can Iftar time be delayed or postponed in Islamabad?

Iftar time in Islamabad should not be delayed or postponed unless there is a valid reason, such as illness or travel. It is important to follow the Islamic guidelines and break the fast at the proper time to ensure the fast is valid.


How can I confirm the accuracy of the Iftar time in Islamabad?

To confirm the accuracy of the Iftar time in Islamabad, one can consult multiple sources, such as the Islamic prayer calendar and various apps and websites that provide daily updates on prayer times. It is also helpful to consult with local religious leaders or trusted community members. Simply search for ‘iftar time today Islamabad’ to know more about this blessed month.


What foods are commonly eaten at Iftar time in Islamabad?

Common foods eaten at Iftar time in Islamabad include dates, fruits, samosas, pakoras, and other traditional Pakistani dishes. It is also common to have a large meal later in the evening, called the dinner or sehri.


Is it permissible to break the fast early at Iftar time in Islamabad?

It is not permissible to break the fast early at Iftar time in Islamabad unless there is a valid reason, such as illness or travel. It is important to follow the Islamic guidelines and break the fast at the proper time to ensure the fast is valid.

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