Ramzan Calendar 2021 – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

With ‘Fasting’ as one of the pillars of Islam, 25% of the world’s Muslim population in all corners of the world observe the Holy month of Ramzan every year. Abstaining ‘rozaydar’ not only from ingesting any solid or liquid forms of food but the holy month is also a translation of empathy, of tolerance, of patience and showcasing gratitude. For the ease of our readers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and to play a part to celebrate Ramzan with all the Islamic zest and spirit, Graana.com brings Ramzan Calendar 2021.

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Karachi Ramzan Calendar



Lahore Ramzan Calendar





Despite these trying as the COVID-19 situation worsens once again and keeping in mind the SOPs for the safety of the community during these trying times, we too wanted to overcome the distances virtually by introducing a platform that brings people closer together to pray.

Graana.com introduces an online ‘Zikr Counter’, in a bid to connect our distant community and keep the magic of the Holy Month of Ramzan alive. 

Now every worshiper can use this counter for ‘collective’ zikr – praying along with the community.

Also serving as an inspirational tool, the greater numbers on the counter roll will inspire us to pray more too.

So this Ramzan, we at Graana hope that our hard work on this Ramzan counter will bring about a feeling of connection within our community. More distances between physical bodies and fewer distances between spiritual souls.

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