Rawal Dam Flyover to be completed by Sept: CDA

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, Capital Development Authority (CDA) in collaboration with Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) renewed the deadline for the Rawal Dam Flyover Chowk Project to September this year.

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A CDA official said, “As per the directives of the prime minister, we have revived the project and will meet the deadline of September as given to us.”

The official further briefed that the asphaltic work on the slip road towards the Serena Hotel had been accomplished. The slip road was one of the integral milestones of the said project and its completion puts the project’s progress on track.

Other CDA sources revealed that to meet the deadline, FWO had been mobilized to cover the balance works. As per the PM orders, FWO will be employed in full force by 15th May.

It is pertinent to state that the FWO is also working on the Islamabad Highway project. As CDA aims to cover the entire stretch in between Rewat and Gulberg holistically, it had further assigned the Gulberg to Railway Bridge project to FWO as well as the Korang Bridge.

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