RDA expedites operation against illegal structures

RAWALPINDI: Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate conducted a demolition drive on Adiala Road, dismantling a total of four residential plus commercial buildings.

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The operation was carried out as per the directions of Rawalpindi Development Authority’s (RDA) Director General (DG).

RDA Spokesperson informed that the building owners violated the approved maps of the area. All the demolished buildings were constructed without due approval and NOC. Consequently, they violated RDA Building and Zoning Regulations, 2020, and the Punjab Development of States Act 1976.

MP&TE Directorate will continue these operations against illegal buildings in the entire RDA controlled area encompassing schools, shops, plazas, and so on, he added.

He further highlighted that the MP&TE Directorate would show “no compromise” or “discrimination” in carrying out these operations against encroachments or illegal commercial activities.

The operation team comprised MP&TE’s Deputy Director of Planning Chaudhary Atif Mahmood, assistant directors, building inspectors, and the police.

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