Record-breaking tax collected from Islamabad

Islamabad:      The Chief Commissioner Office in Islamabad has collected Rs1.89 billion in tax revenue for the month of July 2019, which is three times higher than July last year.

The reason for such a massive tax collection was not an increase in the taxes, but rather improvement in the tax collection system, said Amir Ali Ahmed Chief Commissioner Islamabad . The capital administration increased tax collection points and facilitated every tax payer to the fullest, he added.

Tax collected in last three years (for the month of July):

Tax collected in the major ancillary departments of the Chief Commissioner Officer Islamabad:

“This time, we have set the target at Rs4 billion, but we are hopeful to collect over Rs8 billion in revenues during financial year 2019-20. Moreover, we are going to introduce a facility for the people to be able to pay their vehicle tax through banks rather than depositing the same with the Excise and Taxation Office,” the Chief Commissioner further said.

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