Regaining taxpayers’ trust crucial for tax system, says PM

Regaining taxpayers’ trust crucial for tax system

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to step up efforts to restore taxpayers’ confidence in the tax system, saying that sweeping reforms were the need of the hour to stabilise Pakistan’s economy.

In a meeting with the top officials of the FBR, the PM assured the participants that the stakeholders will be taken on board before implementing revisions and improvements in the tax system.

Recently, the higher-ups in the FBR had expressed their reservations about the premier’s directives to restructure the revenue body.

“We want to get serious proposals from you as per your experience to make the tax system more efficient,” he said.

The PM noted that citizens preferred giving more and more to charity but are hesitant when it comes to paying their taxes.

“It is a very serious issue and FBR needs to play its role in restoring people’s confidence in the tax system,” said the premier.

Khan apprised the participants of the complaints received from traders who reported harassment at the hands of tax officials.

“The tax department will have to remove fear and apprehensions from the minds of taxpayers,” he said.

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