Roshan Digital Account – Completely Digital Banking Solution for Overseas Pakistani

Bridging the existing gap through Fintech, the Government of Pakistan (GOP), in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), unveiled ‘Roshan Digital Accounts’- a digital banking solution that offers overseas Pakistanis ease of payment and investment facilities in various sectors of Pakistan, including real estate, stocks, etc. to enjoy genuine services in their home country.

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The offered services included:

  • Providing digital access for all conventional account services including funds transfer, bills and fee payments, and e-commerce to overseas Pakistanis.
  • Investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs) that were issued by the former Government of Pakistan at attractive and risk-free rates.
  • Enabled investment in Pakistan’s stock market.
  • Opened up investment opportunities in the Pakistani real estate market, including both commercial and residential real estate.

The banking service was launched by the State Bank of Pakistan on September 10, 2020, through eight major commercial banks operating in the country, which includes Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Meezan Bank, United Bank Limited (UBL), Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered, and Samba.


How to Open a Roshan Digital Account?

Foreign nationals other than those with a work visa/permit to work in Pakistan, and firms or companies incorporated or registered outside Pakistan are allowed to make use of the Roshan Digital Account. brings you an article that briefly explains the simplified procedure to register for a Roshan Digital Account from the local banking framework.

One of the most important things to remember is that only 8 commercial banks in Pakistan are currently offering the Roshan Digital Account service and each bank has streamlined its procedures accordingly for concerned individuals who are looking to apply for this service.


1. Select a Bank

Select any desired bank out of the eight banks mentioned.


2. Fill Account opening Details

Visit the website of the selected bank and fill in the ‘Account Opening Form’ digitally.


3. Choose Digital Account type

Choose the digital account type – Foreign currency OR Pakistani Rupee currency


4. Upload documents

In order to open the account, you will need to upload scanned copies of the documents listed below for submission:

  • Passport – First 2 pages (Pakistani and/or foreign country)
  • Proof of non-resident status
  • Proof of professional and source of income/funds:
    For salaried individuals: job certificate/salary slips
    For business persons: tax returns/ rent agreement/ and other proof of income


5. Add Picture

Towards the end of the procedure, you will be asked for a digital photo that will be taken and uploaded live at the time of filling the form.


6. Receive confirmation

You will get confirmation of account opening within 48 hours.


The benefits of Roshan Digital Accounts

The new era of banking has unlocked major incentives that offer innovative banking solutions for overseas Pakistanis residing abroad. Following are some of the benefits that RDAs offer.


Fully Digital Account

From the opening of the account to the operations, the Roshan Digital Accounts offer complete digital solutions, by taking innovative FinTech solutions to cater overseas Pakistan.

The account allows the overseas Pakistanis to make payments to any desired person and withdraw funds in Pakistani rupee.


Open Contactless Accounts within 48 hours

The Overseas Pakistanis can remotely open their Roshan Digital Accounts while being in any corner of the world and without paying a visit to the desired bank branch, within 48 hours after submitting all the required documents.


Fully Repatriable Accounts

In case an investor wants to withdraw the available funds, the Roshan Digital Accounts allows them to repatriate funds up to the lowest present amount.


Invest easily in Real Estate

Due to technological advancement, the Government of Pakistan, in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan, has launched a service that has made investing in real estate easier.

The minimum period to invest in real estate set by the SBP is three years. Following the completion of the given period, investors will be able to repatriate the full amount of sale proceeds of the investment in property.

However, in case an investor wants to withdraw before the completion period, they can repatriate funds up to the lower amount of sale proceeds, or the principal investment amount in Pakistani rupee on the date of investment.


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