Rs110m allotted by CDA to supply gas in I-11

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved a grant of Rs110 million to install gas networks in Sectors I-11 and I-12 as a step towards the completion of developmental works in the sectors.

After the payment is cleared by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), construction work to lay the main gas pipelines in sector I-11 will begin. This will be followed by establishing a door-to-door network in both sectors, I-11 and I-12.

It will take almost three months to conclude the project.

After project costs were approved in the 45th CDA-Development Working Party held earlier in October, SNGPL was contacted to provide gas infrastructure in the sectors. A complete demand survey of the sector was drafted to kick start the work.

Moreover, in a board meeting held by the authority, 18.6 kanals of land was allotted to construct a 132KV grid station to provide electricity in Sectors I-11 and I-12.

In addition to catering to sector I-11 and I-12, SNGPL will also layout the gas infrastructure in Sector I-14. Both parties will advance to further stages to close the deal after they finalise the codal formalities of the project.

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