Rs500 million allocated for growth centres in Sindh districts

Karachi: The provincial administration held a consultation workshop with an objective to engage stakeholders in the implementation of poverty reduction strategy by the Sindh Government. Inputs were brought in by the district administration, community institutions, rural support programmes for the formation of a pilot rural growth centre in District Sujawal.

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A community driven local development (CDLD) policy focusing specifically on the poverty reduction strategy was developed during the workshop. The respective strategy of poverty reduction however had been approved by the Sindh cabinet for implementation over five years under a budget of Rs72.5 billion.

Four target districts have been approved for identification and formation or rural hubs for the pilot project. These include Thatta, Sujawal, Badin and Tharparkar. The pilot project stands at an allocated cost of Rs500 million.

The poverty reduction strategy will follow a three- dimensional approach. The first approach focuses on poverty reduction interventions and capacity building. The second approach focuses on creating linkages between rural and urban poverty reduction while the third approach involves the rural growth centres to work as service hubs for the provision of facilities to connected villages.

The European Union (EU) has developed a mutual understanding to work together by supplementing the government efforts through Sindh Union Council & Community Economic Strengthening Support programme.

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