Rs950mn approved by Ministry of Commerce for export projects

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ISLAMABAD: In the 19th Finance Committee meeting of the Board of Administrators for Export Development Fund (EDF) chaired by Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood,  the Ministry of Finance approved a budget worth Rs. 950 Million for export-related proposals.

According to the details, EDF’s financial committee of Board members includes Presidents of Federal, Secretary TDAP, Secretary Commerce, Chief Executive Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), representatives of Pakistan Business Council and Sialkot & Khyber Chamber of Commerce & Industry, major associations of textile, surgical, fruits & vegetable, software, fisheries and poultry sectors among others.

As per the officials, the Committee reflected numerous proposals relating to export sectors of Pakistan like leather, cutlery, fisheries, textile, sports goods, garments, etc. A budget of Rs. 8.9 Billion was also approved by the committee for EDF’s Financial Year 2021-22.


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