SAP S/4HANA Go-Live ceremony held at IMARAT

SAP S/4HANA Go-Live ceremony held at IMARAT

A ceremony was held at IMARAT Head Office, Islamabad to commemorate the successful launch of SAP S/4HANA by Excellence Delivered (ExD) at IMARAT Group of Companies

The event was attended by Chairman Shafiq Akbar, Directors Farhan Javed, Taimoor UI Haq Abbasi and Arslan Javed, and Project Manager Muhammad Imran. The top management of ExD was also present, notably CEO Wasil Amjad, Chairman Sajjad Syed, COO Asher Kazmi and Senior SAP Project Manager Haroon Rashid

“With an IT landscape as large and complex as IMARAT’s,” stated Mr. Shafiq Akbar. “It is important to keep implementing new technology solutions to become sustainable enterprises. SAP is one such opportunity that can support in delivering value and catering to the unique needs of our clients.”

ExD provides ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions that can help companies operate profitably and adapt to the ever-changing environment. As a market leader in business applications, SAP is considered the world’s best software implementation. It comprises various modules, including Financial Accounting and Controlling, Sales & Distribution Management and Human Capital Management, among others. These core benefits create a system of real-time transactional data input, easy access, solutions to bridge existing and potential gaps, a paperless environment, and an integrated model to plan, implement and manage different business arenas. 

“This boost in predictability with SAP can help a business optimise its processes and activities, and propel rapid innovation across multiple domains,” added Mr. Sajjad Syed. 

IMARAT Group of Companies, one of Pakistan’s leading real estate groups, aims to revolutionise the sector by promoting reinvention, transparency and incorporation of the latest technology trends like big data and artificial intelligence. All softwares developed by IMARAT will now be integrated for an end-to-end digital transformation of the group to achieve operational excellence for its large roster of clients.