Saudi Arabia Pioneers Cutting-Edge Road Cooling Technology

road cooling technology

RIYADH: The Roads General Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing has announced the launch of a new cooling technology for the roads to keep the temperatures down. 

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The new technology aims to curb a phenomenon called heart island. During the day, heat is absorbed by the roads. The temperatures reach as much as 70 degrees Celsius during summer. This heat absorbed is then released at night. As a result, people avoid walking on roads during summer nights. 

The technology has been designed to use cold pavements that have a lower capacity to absorb and reflect solar radiation. This results in a decrease in surface temperature on the roads, especially during summer nights, compared to the conventional pavement, leading to milder temperatures. 

According to officials, this technology has been developed for use in residential areas, including walking areas, bus stops, and metros. 

As per details, the technology was tested in two significant locations in Riyadh, and the results have confirmed its effectiveness.

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