Spinning around the Dining Room

The dining room is a place to gather with friends and family to celebrate the night of your lives, special occasions, or simply a weeknight evening with a good conversation over a shared meal. It doesn’t matter if your dinning space is either limited or wide, there are plenty of ways to make this room just as chic, stylish, and functional as the rest of your abode. There are so many blends to opt for. For a subtle traditional look, going neutral but having loads of texture, for a modern look either white washing the entire space, with pops of color, or for a visual treat mixing and matching striking colors along with statement pieces. Of course a room can’t go without a pop of greenery in every room, whether it’s real or faux, it adds so much life to any space.

There are multiple ways to decorate your dining rooms. If you are interested in maintaining a stylish up-to-date look. Firstly, there are a couple of terms you should familiarize yourself with: fad and trend. If you want to re-vamp your decor with one, you might want to try some of these suggestions, especially if you are on a tight budget, or enjoy doing it yourself.

Size matters:

First thing first, size matters, whether it is of the dining space or the furniture being used. For crampier spaces, use a round wooden table or a glass top, and set the number of dining chairs along with a square rug to give the room more edge. It’s the ideal move to accommodate small families and spaces.

For a more spacious room and family, opt for a rectangular table and a carpet along with as many dining chairs as needed. In some of the typical houses in Pakistan, dining spaces serve a dual purpose as a sitting area as well. Ideally, an oval table would be the perfect fit, as it usually accommodates the same amount of people as a rectangular one, but this is a bit more economical with space.

Setting a theme:

Just like everyone out there, do you scroll through Pinterest and envy at the flawless, utopian-like interiors and wonder a home that looks like that? We do. Daily. The degree of planning that actually goes into decorating these pristine rooms is mind-blowing. The ones that appear simple enough to replicate that are actually the hardest. Hence, it’s important to choose a theme that you want to set your theme against.

A conventional take:

A simple square or rectangular table is the go to look, that not only looks elegant but also provides ample space for sitting around the table. You can combine any kind of chairs with the square table like opting for a wooden bench, some stools or conventional dining chairs. For a more attractive look, place some artistic showpieces on the table, like a beautiful floral vase with candle stands on the sides.

A vintage overview:

For a vintage look, nothing but a simple wooden table would do. It has no beautiful designs or edged corners. Supported by wooden planks, it can be a normal rectangular in shape and you can match it with a wooden dining room chairs. Add a tweed rug for a rough look, and to tie it all together, add a pot of dried plant.

A modern take:

Modern dining room trends are shifting to minimalist design with a commanding geometric stance. Using mix metal and wooden frames if you’re bold enough to transform your space – but this may take some arranging to get right! With two or three large lighting fixtures over the table, low hanging lamps, circular lights, and filament light bulb arrangements are examples of popular lighting fixtures for modern dining rooms. Along with using white and colorful upholstery, furniture, and decor is a clear mark of a modern dining room. While having a uniform dining set is appropriate in many homes, mixing up chairs and having some unique statement pieces like grand flower pots and candle stands, can tell a fantastic story about your home and your design, as this is the new in.


After setting the themes, some of the few essentials that are necessary to add up to modern dining rooms are. Plenty of things have changed with basics that constitutes appropriate dinner etiquette for a modern host. But nevertheless, there are some things that will always hold the cornerstone of hosting. One of them is how to set a table properly. At the helm of a dinner party, no matter how casual the setting or how formal the company is, it’s worthwhile to have a pleasing backdrop that showcases the hard work of preparing a pleasing meal. That’s where a table-scape comes into play. For an ‘elevated-casual’ style, you’ll need a dinner plate, salad plate, napkin, water glass, dinner knife, dinner fork, and a spoon. Add table mats beneath the plates and a floral runner, with bottled flowers to beautify the table and freshen the surrounding.

A statement corner:

To elevate the room and create a focal point in your dining room, utilizing a wooden cupboard is key. This helps in saving up precious floor space, along with creating storage space. This could create a focal point in the room, and could be used to beautify the room by either adding a statement cut mirror shape at the back or symmetrical photo frames on the wall. Use the table top and decorate with a colorful vase that is used to hold florals and mix with candle stands.

These are some of the tips on how to spin about the image about your dining rooms. Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed out on any tips or share pictures of rooms you’ve redecorated.

Once again, Happy Decorating!







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