Structures in Rawalpindi violating building by laws: RMC

RAWALPINDI: Several commercial and residential structures constructed in the city over the course of the last five years are in violation of the building by-laws, notified a report submitted to Rawalpindi Commissioner Muhammad Mahmood.

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The identification of all such structures had been tasked to the Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation (RMC).

The report highlighted the violations committed under the building codes, which include additional floors, absence of car parking in the basement, lack of open spaces by building more shops without seeking approval from the development authority, and construction of porches and boundary walls encroaching on state land.

To regularise the illegal structures, the administration has issued notices to owners of the illegal structures, doubling the composition fee.

In case of non-compliance, the administration has announced serious action that may include sealing or demolishing the structures and registering FIRs against the violators.

In addition, the authority has directed the building owners to submit building plans approved by a certified architect and the local authorities before they can be constructed.

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