One Last Fight. One last take

July 12, 2019

It has been 27 years since… (Got the titanic feel?) It has been 27 years since England last qualified for a Cricket World Cup final. In the glorious city of Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Ground was the stadium, as they came face to face with none other than Team Pakistan (being[...]

Will Pakistan recreate victory of CWC 1992?

June 29, 2019

‘Unpredictable’, if I probably see this word in a dictionary and don’t find the ‘Pakistan cricket team’ written right next to it to define this word, I’m going to be picking up another dictionary. It’s high time that dictionaries start preaching everyone this. The lesson we’ve (I’m sure I have)[...]

The Battle to defeat the Undefeated

June 26, 2019

If Pakistani cricket was a TV character, for me it would be Severus Snape. The textbook definition of being highly unexpected, from liking to hating (sadly a very strong word but used to display the emotion only) to loving that character and crying when he dies, Severus Snape is someone[...]
icci world cup

Team Pakistan- defeated but not broken

June 17, 2019

“India beat Pakistan by 89 runs via the DLS method, on Sunday in World Cup’19 showdown played between the arch rivals in Manchester.” Wish there was a less polite way to say this, but after the inglorious defeat faced by our cricket team in the 22nd game of the world[...]

PakvsIndia: The father of CWC19 matches on your home screens

June 16, 2019

Pakistan vs India… Just these words, are enough for anyone to feel the excitement, anticipation, tension and passion. Falling short of words to start this blog with, backspacing whatever I wrote at least a million times because this phrase is enough to rattle the nerves (at least mine.) Nerve wrecking,[...]

Pakistan vs Australia: who will take the victory home?

June 10, 2019

Previously… Assessing the conditions. Devising a plan. Setting the perfect template for batting. Creating a perfect field for bowling. Executing this plan to perfection. Challenging the opposition- This is India’s recipe to success. This is India’s reminder as to why they are one of the favorites to lift World Cup[...]

Sri Lanka: A match for Pakistan or not?

June 7, 2019

Defining unpredictability, Team Pakistan held their nerve as the stepped in the Trent Bridge stadium to beat the hosts by 14 runs on Monday, just three days after collapsing to a seven-wicket defeat against the West Indies at the ‘same venue’ in their very ‘first match’… But before answering the[...]

Clash on the ‘Trent Bridge’

June 3, 2019

As time passes quickly, is any Pakistani ready to witness yet another showdown between the ‘world’s favorite versus our favorite’? I know I’m not. Especially since the last defeat our team tragically faced. It’s scarier when I think about ‘Trent Bridge’. The strip being played on today is only two[...]

New Zealand beats Sri Lanka | Australia Takes on Afghanistan

June 2, 2019

Two wrong predictions actually shook up the confidence to write another piece before the match today. After an embarrassing loss that team Pakistan faced, I’m sure I was not the only heartbroken one, to not just write but even read another piece on cricket. So all the support and prayers[...]
Pakistan vs West Indies World Cup 2019

Pakistan’s quest to bring the Cup home

May 31, 2019

England versus South Africa, a result that was not expected but still unfolded. Even though the protease successfully took early wickets, apparently it was not enough effort, as the favorites, team England- beautifully defended this title and rank in the opener of the world cup 2019. Giving a befitting reply[...]