Real Estate in Pakistan

Scope of Real Estate Economics in Pakistan

August 12, 2022

Real estate economics show that the current stable condition of the sector can be a foundation for future establishment of a substantial market. The booming percentages in real estate during the previous government were due to the befitting tax reforms and policies introduced by the Ex-Prime Minister. Lower rates of[...]

How Digitisation of Real Estate Is Helping Pakistan

June 27, 2022

The digitisation of the real estate sector in Pakistan is a change that has become the need of the hour. The inevitable approach of the internet and technology has taken over all economic sectors, including the real estate market of Pakistan. Property transactions around the world collectively make up the[...]
Real Estate in Pakistan

The Future of Real Estate in Pakistan

December 13, 2021

Real estate sector is globally recognized as the backbone of a country’s economy. Like most countries around the world, it is one of the strongest foundational pillars of Pakistan’s economy, with 70% of the country’s wealth belonging to real estate. Due to this reason, this sector is given special attention by[...]