Taiwan mulls moving textile firms to Pakistan

Taiwan mulls moving textile firms to Pakistan

LAHORE: Taiwan Textile Federation President Justin Huang has conveyed his interest in relocating Taiwanese textile companies from Vietnam to Pakistan due to the favourable labour market in the country.

Justin cited the overcrowding of Vietnam’s manufacturing industry as the reason of his lookout for other venues.

“At present, Vietnam is crowded, which causes difficulties for Taiwanese textile firms there, such as labour shortages,” he said. “In Pakistan, however, labour issues will not emerge at least for the next 10 years and this is something attractive for us.”

While praising the government’s support for foreign investment, Justin said that Pakistan already manufactures excellent goods for home use and has the potential to make quality apparel as well.

“If things follow the right direction, we will transfer new technologies and manufacturing processes to Pakistan, which will facilitate the country in upgrading its products,” said the federation president.

“After that, Pakistan will not have to compete with China or Bangladesh on price issues and the country will be able to add value to its products.”

Textile companies based in Taiwan have already designed products for global brands like Nike and Adidas. Sixteen teams in the football World Cup 2018 used Taiwan-based fabric in their kits.

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