TameerSeTaleem: A Petition for Sustainable Development & Educational Empowerment

TameerSeTaleem: A Petition for Sustainable Development & Educational Empowerment

While doing ‘social good’ previously involved just brandishing abstract ideas to the society, corporations in Pakistan have now made a conscious effort to instigate a greater, more immediate change — with IMARAT Group of Companies leading the way. 

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As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, IMARAT recently launched the ‘TameerSeTaleem’ campaign, which encompasses both social welfare and environmental protection endeavours. 

Recognising the need to establish a trajectory for reducing energy consumption and conserving natural resources, IMARAT proposed the solution of recycling construction waste for the purpose of providing infrastructural facilities to schools in underprivileged communities. 

The company has already kickstarted the campaign by building chairs from the wood waste on their construction sites, and donating the furniture to a school in Mehrabadi, run by the Baithak School Network. 


Making Sustainability Resonate

The inadequacy of learning space and associated facilities is a pervasive factor for many children in densely populated settings not receiving basic education. Tameer Se Taleem emphasises on the need to build, improve and facilitate such spaces for better learning outcomes — all while opening up unique avenues of construction waste management. 

In its petition ‘Every School Going Child Deserves Basic Facilities’, IMARAT appeals to the Government of Pakistan to implement a National Construction Waste Management Policy. It aims to involve prominent actors all across the business spectrum who can provide the necessary resources towards furthering the cause of education. 

The major key points of the petition are as follows:

  • Formalise the reuse of excess material and waste present at construction sites.
  • Necessitate all construction companies to provide building and facilitative support to underserved schools in their vicinity.
  • Implement a proper framework for the construction waste disposal mechanism.
  • Set up donation centres for the collection of waste material.
  • Build workshops that recycle and reuse the donated material.


Your Impact Starts Here

The active pursuit of shared value is futile if every individual does not become a positive contributor to societal well-being. You can begin today by signing on this petition as:

  • Children in under-resourced communities will be provided with a well-equipped environment for education. 
  • More industry partners will be held accountable for their activities and operations that impact the society and the environment. 
  • Land pollution will be controlled with stringent monitoring mechanisms for construction waste disposal.
  • Donation centres and recycling workshops will create several jobs for low-income communities. 

You can visit our website for more information.

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