The List of Mansehra Postal Codes


Located between breathtaking mountains in Pakistan’s KPK region,  Mansehra is a district filled with historical value, natural beauty, and cultural appeal. From its strategic location connecting vital areas to its well-developed road network, Mansehra acts as a portal to stunning valleys and adventure. Mansehra offers an amazing experience whether you’re looking for a historical exploration, a thrilling meeting with nature, or a picturesque getaway. In this blog, has compiled a list of all the Mansehra postal code. 

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List of Mansehra Postal Code  

Find list of Mansehra postal code

Mansehra Postal Code information 
 Area Name Postal code GPO Name State Name 
Baffa 21110 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Balakot 21230 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Bali Mag 21080 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Banna 21032 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Bansair 21050 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Batamohri 21044 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Batrasi Camp 21250 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Battagram 21040 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Battal 21090 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Belian 21440 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Besham 20500 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Bher Kund 21340 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Biari Ayub Khan 21010 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Boi 22180 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Chakia 21270 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Chattar Plain 21070 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Chitta Batta 21304 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Chohan 21062 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Dadar 21160 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Dalola 22190 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Darband 21460 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Dassu 20100 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Dhudial (Mansehra) 21130 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Dilbori 21430 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Ghari Habibullah 21240 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Haji Abad 21100 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Jabori 21170 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Kaghan 21210 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Khaki 21350 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Koza Banda 21060 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Lassan Nawab 21390 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Manglore 21330 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Mansehra City 21310 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Mansehra GPO 21300 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Mohandri Bazar 21220 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Muradpur 21360 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Muslim Abad 21020 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Naran 21200 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Oghi 21400 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Parhena 21370 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Pattan 20200 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Peshora 21042 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Phulra 21380 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Qilagay 21420 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Ranolia 20300 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Rashang 21036 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Saden Mira 21046 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Sham Dhera 21410 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Sher Garh (Mansehra) 21450 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Shinkiari 21140 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Shinkiari Camp 21150 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Sholgaraha 20400 Mansehra GPO KPK 
Thakot 21030 Mansehra GPO KPK 

 So, this was a concise yet informative list of Mansehra postal code.

How to Reach Mansehra?

The city of Mansehra cannot be reached directly by flight; instead, one must first travel to Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and then continue by road.  

The route to Mansehra: 

  • Arrive by plane at Islamabad International Airport (ISB): A number of airlines provide both local and international flights to Islamabad. 
  • Go by Road to Mansehra: From Islamabad, you can go to Mansehra by bus, rental car, or taxi. Approximately 157 kilometres (98 miles) separate the two locations, and depending on traffic, the trip takes two to three hours.  
  • The most practical choice is a taxi, particularly if you are travelling with a group of people or have bags. Cabs are easily accessible at the Islamabad airport. You may even call one online using ride-hailing services like Careem or Uber.  
  • Rental Car: If you want the most freedom to see Mansehra and the surrounding places at your speed, renting a car from the Islamabad airport is the best option. 
  • Bus: Taking the public bus to Mansehra is an affordable way to get there. Several bus companies run between Mansehra and Islamabad. Bus terminals are close to the Faizabad Bus Terminal and the Rawalpindi Railway Station.

Historical Places in Mansehra

Mansehra itself may not have many historical sites to its name, but it is an important part of the history of the area. You can visit the following noteworthy historical locations in Mansehra

  • Ashoka Gems: These three granite rocks, which date to the third century BC, bear inscriptions that are the decrees of Ashoka the Great, the Mauryan emperor. These decrees offer important new perspectives on the political, social, and religious climate of that time. 
  • Hindu Temple in Mansehra: This 17th-century temple is a relic from the city’s illustrious Hindu past. The temple is no longer in use, but its architecture provides an insight into the local creative traditions. 
  • Sikh houses of worship, or Gurdwaras, are scattered across Mansehra and serve as a reminder of the Sikh heritage of the region. Gurdwara Dera Sahib, Gurdwara Panja Sahib, and the Mansehra Municipal Library—which was first constructed in 1937 as Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Saba—are a few noteworthy examples. 


FAQs Related to Mansehra Postal Code

Following are some of the top FAQs on Mansehra.


What has made Mansehra so well-known?

Mansehra is the starting point for visiting some of Pakistan’s most breathtaking natural landmarks, such as Lulusar Lake, Naran Valley, and Kaghan Valley. Along with historical significance, it is home to places like the Ashoka Rocks.


What is the route to Mansehra?

Since there isn’t an airport in Mansehra, you must fly into Islamabad International Airport (ISB) before continuing by bus, taxi, or rental car. From Islamabad, the trip takes two to three hours.


Are travellers safe in Mansehra?

In general, sure. Travellers can feel safe visiting Mansehra. Still, it’s a good idea to use common sense and caution when visiting any place. 

Which season is ideal for travel to Mansehra?

Your preferences will determine the ideal time of year to visit Mansehra. There is excellent weather in the spring (March–May) and fall (September–November). Although summer (June to August) might be scorching, it’s the best time of year for people who want to avoid the heat in the higher valleys like Naran and Kaghan. Winter (December to February): bitterly cold and sometimes snowy, with some roads impassable.


In which language is Mansehra spoken?

Pashto is the main language used in Mansehra. On the other hand, Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, is also extensively spoken and understood.


In Mansehra, which currency is in use?

In Mansehra, the official currency is the Pakistani Rupee “Rs.”


Does Mansehra host any festivals or events?

Numerous national holidays, including Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, are observed in Mansehra. There may also be annual local festivals that highlight cultural heritage.

What activities are available in Mansehra?

Even while Mansehra has several historical landmarks of its own, it’s the ideal starting point for discovering the surrounding natural beauties. Take a walk in the Himalayas, go to picturesque lakes, or set up a makeshift tent. You can also explore the local way of life or go to historical places like the Ashoka Rocks.

How is the food in Mansehra prepared?

Here, the speciality is Pashto food, including kabuli pulao, chapli kebab, and Peshawari lamb. Daal and biryani, two staples of Pakistan, are also widely accessible.


Where in Mansehra can I stay?

There are many different places to stay in Mansehra, from luxurious hotels to guesthouses that are affordable. Whatever fits your interests and budget is the best option.  

This was all about Mansehra and its postal codes. For more information, visit

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