Third Day of the Auction: Fifteen Plots Sold for More Than 11 Billion Rupees

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Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) received an overwhelming response on the third day of the auction of plots. So far, a total of 15 plots have been sold for more than 11.282 billion rupees. The final day of the plot auction will be held at the Jinnah Convention Center in Islamabad on October 20, which is a Friday.

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According to the details, on the third day of the auction, plots comprising 16.67 square yards in various sectors, including fruit, vegetable, and meat shops, were auctioned. Among them, Plot No. 1 of Sector F-6/4 was sold for 44.35 million, Plot No. 2 for 24.847 million, Plot No. 3 for 27.34 million, Plot No. 4 for 31.01 million, Plot No. 5 for 40.52 million, Plot No. 6 for 47.026 million, and the fruit, vegetable, and meat shop plot of Sector F-8/4 was auctioned for 42.106 million rupees.

During the four-day auction, residential and commercial plots of various categories are being presented for investment. Commercial plots for Class III shopping centres, agro farms, apartments, and industries are being offered during the auction.

Similarly, plots for fruit, vegetable, and meat shops, as well as A-class markets, are also being sold, and plots specifically allocated for hostels are also being presented for the auction for the first time. Residential plots will also be auctioned during the four-day auction, which will conclude on October 20.

The auction committee established under the chairmanship of the Member Estate CDA is supervising the auction. The received bids will be presented before the CDA board after a thorough investigation for final approval or rejection, which is the authorized form to accept or reject the bids.

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