Three CDA development projects near completion

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ISLAMABAD: Three development projects including the G-7 and G-8 underpass, Burma Bridge and Park Enclave Bridge will be opened for the public soon, informed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) spokesman.

The G-7 and G-8 underpass on Faisal Avenue is almost ready, as the bridge has been completed and the underpass is now being cleared, said CDA spokesperson Mazhar Hussain.

The project scheduled to be completed in May was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Similarly, the Burma Bridge project on Lehtrar Road, essential for the residents of Zone 4 and 5, is also nearly complete.

The third project of Park Enclave Bridge will also be opened for the public soon after a few engineering interjections are completed, informed the CDA spokesman.

The project was also constructed with no extra costs, he added.

In addition, the authority completed the installation of a pedestrian bridge on Secretariat Chowk, whereas, the construction of three more pedestrian bridges including one at F-9 Park, another on Kashmir Highway and one in Blue Area in G-8, is ongoing.


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