Tips on amplifying natural light in your house

bring natural light into your home

Are you wondering why I tend to write a lot about light? That’s because I’ve lived through half my life in a room without a window and so I know hacks to double even tripling the minimal of natural light falling indoors. Houses once built are done and dusted! It is difficult to call for a re-built or a re-modeling of the house. Replacing doors and adding windows could be havoc there. There is nonetheless a handful of actionable hacks to harness the outdoor lights inside your home. Here’s a chance for you to take away secrets to things that you can use to your advantage.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Using mirrors to reflect light is not new. In ancient times, Egyptians had used mirrors to light up their pyramids and those structures are still famous when it comes to lighting up rooms using mirrors. Placing mirrors likewise in a room is a super effective way to reflect light.

Putting a mirror on the wall adjacent to any window or opposite a window, mimics the window making it look like a room has lots of windows in the wall. When placed opposite, the mirror reflects light to angle light into darker corners of the room. There is plenty of room to play around using antique mirrors, beveled mirrors, sunburst or Venetian mirrors. The more the reflective surfaces you add to the room, the lighter they would bounce off. Even the silver doorknobs, silver photo frames, brass candlesticks, and clear furniture play their part well.

Say Yes to Crystal Clear

Using a clear glass in your house doors is a magical way to get more natural lighting into your homes. Let’s keep the frost and tints for some privacy though! Installing glass doors through hallways, entry, and staircases will lit up your entire house making it look like a place you would want to hibernate into. It would significantly help rooms share their existing light with each other while also multiplying it. You can renovate an entire wall of your home into a glass for views that can leave you gasping for more while you achieve ultimate light levels. You can apply the same idea to glass tabletops or acrylic chairs to add to all the light roaming through your rooms.

Lighten down Colours, Lighten up Rooms

Adding colors and wallpapers may be a good idea for large rooms and bigger houses built on the lines of maximizing natural light but bashing all of this for walls with a soft shade of white can help harness more light into smaller spaces. Light-colored paints make space feel brighter as they reflect the existing natural light inside a room instead of absorbing it like darker colors do. Here I am sharing a secret. Painting the ceiling a few tones lighter than your walls can also give an illusion of height and space. Finishing walls with satin can come as a bonus greater than matte.

Talking about a splash of colors, a brilliant white will make your space look cooler. An off- white into your tones can give your room a comparatively warmer look. Feel free to suit yourself!

Keeping it Light with Airy Furniture

Maximizing existing light into your rooms does not mean you are restricted to palettes of white on walls and less furniture. For the most natural lighting into homes, you may use airy furniture and place the furniture in corners where it blocks least of the light. Take a good look to where the light falls within and move around with your furniture likewise. Use just enough bedroom furniture for your needs. Choose a taller, thinner dresser over short and wide. If an uncluttered atmosphere is what you wish for, just remember to keep your accessories to a minimum. All it takes are a few touches until a big impact. Indoor plants can add to the prettiness of your minimal space also!

Reflective Floors

Floors can be transformed into light friendly, reflective surfaces. A white floor is undoubtedly the best way to lighten up a room, and give it a feeling of greater space and increased brightness. Whatever you may choose; wooden, ceramic, stone floors or polished surfaces are a great way to reflect the existing light in your rooms. If you plan to go with a wooden floor, keep the tones lighter for them to reflect the maximum light. While doubling, even tripling light inside rooms, this hack can lighten up dark spaces like nothing else. These can reflect more light as compared to carpets but if you wish to decorate floors with rugs or carpets, softer or neutral colors would be the best pick to lay your hands on.

Window Treatments

With an increasing trend of curtain drapes, we all now know that thick window treatments and thicker fabrics absorb light. They take away the existing light. Taking away heavy curtains and replacing darker colors will instantly add light to gloomier rooms and spaces. A good alternate for heavier curtains would be lighter fabrics, flush, or even shutters that can give you all the control to play around with the amount of light. Pulling the curtains aside early morning remains my best hack but airy curtains would be the choice if I still want them on. Let’s keep the light coming!

So if you are looking for a home which can help you rejuvenate while you sit back and relax at your place of sanctuary, be sure to try these doable, within budget hacks that actually work. Light airy living space does not remain a reality to just the pictures we have seen on the internet. It can be achieved easily. Maximizing natural lighting within homes requires to think out of the box. Actually, why even have a box? Now that you have gone over the blog, give utmost thought from the largest to the tiniest element that sits as a part of your home’s interior.

Happy Living!


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