Top 5 Locations to Buy a Residential Plot in Faisalabad

Formerly known as ‘Lyallpur’, the city of Faisalabad is among the most important metropolitans of Pakistan. Faisalabad is an industrial hub of the country where most of the business is taking place in the textile sector; thus, becoming a city that has the major contribution in the value-added products. Furthermore, Faisalabad is also renowned for its vast agriculture base which provides major cash crops and in return generates revenue for the country. Therefore, it can be said that the city is a blend of two major economic sectors and a major stakeholder in Pakistan’s economy. In 2016, the GDP contribution of the city stood at $18bn. If someone wants to have a look at the business activities at a glance in Faisalabad, he/she can visit the famous ‘Ghanta Ghar’ or Clock Tower which is the junction of eight major bazaars of the city. There are also a lot of residential Plot in Faisalabad.

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Furthermore, the city is connected with various motorways and is a hometown of many. Therefore, the city engulfs various housing societies which are providing various amenities to its residents. Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is the city’s civic authority, which is in charge of the town planning and development of the city.

For the convenience of residents, highlights the top 5 locations to buy a residential plot of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, or 1 Kanal in Faisalabad.


Top 5 Locations to buy a Residential Plot
Sr. NoAreaSizePrice RangeSizePrice RangeSizePrice Range
1WAPDA City5 Marla50 lacs – 60 lacs10 Marla80 lacs – 1.2 crore1 Kanal1.8 crore – 2.20 crore
2Peoples Colony5 Marla95 lacs – 1 crore10 Marla2.5 crore1 Kanal3.5 crore – 4 crore
3Jinnah Colony5 Marla1.25 crore – 1.40 crore10 Marla2.20 crore – 3 crore1 Kanal3.5 crore – 4 crore
4Model City 15 Marla50 lacs – 60 lacs10 Marla95 lacs – 1.10 crore
5Abdullah Garden5 Marla65 lacs – 75 lacs10 Marla1.30 crore – 1.5 crore1 Kanal2.5 crore – 3 crore



As the name suggests, the WAPDA city is developed by WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society which provides all the amenities which are a requisite for a high standard of living. The city is situated along Canal Road and covers an area of 650acres. Moreover, the society is equipped with all basic infrastructure ranging from carpeted roads, filtration plants, electric supply, and sewerage system which are essential for providing a good living. Moreover, the commercial activity in WAPDA City also caters to the needs of people, which are necessary for meeting the daily requirements.

WAPDA city is also connected with the major arteries of the city which provides convenient access and keeps the residents connected to the whole Faisalabad. Some renowned banks like Allied Bank and Bank Alfalah are also situated in WAPDA city along with many public and private education institutions.

The price of residential plot in WAPDA City is given as below

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Peoples Colony

The next residential society where a plot can be bought for experiencing a convenient lifestyle is Peoples Colony. People’s Colony is inhabited by people from different wakes of life and is adjacent to Faisalabad Railway Station, and Hockey Stadium. Furthermore, the society is also connected with the major arteries of Faisalabad like Jaranwala Road, Habib Jalib Road, and Khawaja Islam Road. The housing society incorporates a running commercial area, educational institutes, and healthcare facilities.

Some of the prominent educational institutes in the colony are Beaconhouse, the City School, and Froebel’s International School. Similarly, banking activity also takes place in Peoples Colony and some of the renowned banks in the Peoples Colony are the Bank of Punjab, Standard Chartered Bank, and Bank of Khyber.

The prices of residential plots in Peoples Colony is explained below

  •         According to the data, a plot of 5 Marla in Peoples Colony can be bought within the price range of Rs95lacs-Rs1crore.
  •         Further, a plot over 10 Marla can be bought at the price of Rs2.5crore.
  •         The price of a 1 Kanal residential plot in Peoples Colony varies between Rs3.5crore-Rs4crore.

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Jinnah Colony

Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad can also meet the needs of an individual looking to buy a residential plot in Faisalabad. Jinnah Colony is situated adjacent to Gulberg, Faisalabad, and encompasses all the basic amenities including parks. The colony is also connected to the major arteries of the city which connects it to the major areas of Faisalabad. Similarly, Jinnah Colony has a vibrant commercial area which provides an additional incentive to the people looking to buy a residential property in Faisalabad. Likewise, the colony also has major healthcare facilities, banks, and educational institutes. Renowned, Government College University (GCU) Faisalabad can also be accessed from Jinnah Colony.

Some of the renowned banks located in Jinnah Colony are the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), United Bank Limited (UBL), and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB). Furthermore, the National Hospital, Independent Medical College Faisalabad is also situated in Jinnah Colony.

The prices of plots in Jinnah Colony is given as

  •         According to the provided data, a 5 Marla plot in Jinnah Colony can be bought between the price range of Rs1.25cr-Rs1.40cr.
  •         Similarly, a plot over 10 Marla can be purchased between Rs2.20crore-Rs3crore.
  •         Whereas, a plot of 1 Kanal in Jinnah Colony has the price range of Rs3.5crore-Rs4crore.


Model City 1

Model City 1 is also a good option for buying residential plots in Faisalabad. Model City 1 is situated adjacent to Eden Valley which is closer to Canal Expressway. Model City 1 is in a development phase however, it can serve the interest of people looking to experience a good lifestyle. Furthermore, the residential society is also equipped with basic facilities which cater to the needs of residents. The society has basic amenities like public parks, mosques, water treatment plants, and grocery stores. Moreover, Model City 1 also has a boundary wall that ensures the security of the residents.

The prices of the residential plots in the model city are given below

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Abdullah Garden

The last area on the list is Abdullah Garden which is situated along with Canal Expressway Faisalabad. The housing society is approximate to educational and health facilities. Moreover, the society has recreational facilities like parks, mosques, and basic infrastructure facilities. Abdullah Garden also has an extension that increases the pools of residential plots and provides new opportunities to potential buyers.

Some renowned educational institutes adjacent to Abdullah Garden are Beaconhouse School System moreover, Faisalabad International Hospital is also within the reach of Abdullah Garden. The prices of residential plots in Abdullah Garden are given below.

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