Top 6 Schools in DHA Lahore

Schools in DHA Lahore

Lahore, being one of the largest and most populated cities in Pakistan, provides access to a range of facilities to the residents.

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This includes quality education; the city boasts an excellent section of schools, colleges and universities. As one of the poshest neighbourhoods of the city, DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Lahore, in particular, is home to some of the best schools, providing top-notch education to students. has prepared a detailed list of some of the top-rated schools located in DHA Lahore, based on different factors like academic performance and extracurricular activities.


List of the Best Schools in DHA Lahore

The table below shows some of the top-ranking schools in DHA Lahore, along with their location.


Beaconhouse School SystemBSS DHA Lahore Campus488, Y Block, Phase-III, Sector Y, DHA
The Lahore AlmaThe Lahore Alma DHA Lahore CampusC-48, Street 44, Phase 1 DHA
Lahore Grammar School LGS DHA Phase 1 Campus

LGS DHA Phase 5 Campus

136, Street 59, Phase I, Block E, DHA (Girls only)

483/4, Education City, Block G, Phase V, DHA(Co-education)

The City SchoolThe City School DHA Lahore CampusAvenue 6, Sector B DHA Phase 3
DHA Education SystemJunior Campus T – Block

 Junior Campus Z – Block

DHA Senior School for Girls
DHA Senior School for Boys
254-T, Phase-II DHA 

Z-970-K, Phase-III DHA 

483/I-G, Phase-V DHA 

648-S, Phase-II DHA

Brick SchoolBrick School DHA Lahore CampusStreet # 25, Sector XX, Phase III, DHA 

Beaconhouse School System


Building of Beaconhouse and basketball court


Beaconhouse School System is one of the most well-known schools in Pakistan. With over 150 branches in the country, it is without a doubt among the top schools in DHA Lahore.

From pre-primary to A-level education, the Beaconhouse School System has provided its students with a cutting-edge learning environment since its founding in 1975.

From grade I through grade VIII, the school has adopted the Scottish and UK curriculum. BSS offers a variety of academic and extracurricular activities as well, to help students develop different skills and ensure that they receive a well-rounded education.



The school is well-equipped, providing access to a range of modern facilities. Students can use the library’s extensive collection of books and research materials for reading, conducting research, and working collaboratively on projects.

Along with that, the school hosts many different events, such as sports gala, debating competitions and MUNs (Model United Nations).


Fee Structure

Admission Fee (Rs.)Registration Fee (Rs.)Security Fee (Rs.)*

*The security charges are refundable.


Class LevelTuition Fee (Rs.)Other Charges (Rs.)Monthly Total (Rs.)
Class 112,14069512,815
Class 212,34069513,035
Class 312,35096513,315
Class 412,40096513,365
Class 512,44096513,405
Class 612,48096513,445
Class 712,50096513,465
Class 812,51096513,475
Class 9 Cambridge16,93069517,625
Class 10 Cambridge17,19069517,885
Class 11 Cambridge17,48069518,175


The Lahore Alma

The Lahore Alma is a reputable educational institution that is situated in the centre of DHA Lahore.

The school offers engaging educational programmes that are designed for kids enrolled in pre-primary, junior, and senior classes as part of the O and levels education system.

It has been providing quality education for more than 40 years, since its founding in 1976.



The Lahore Alma arranges various activities for its students. These include:

  • Martial arts
  • Academic counselling
  • Quiz competitions and debates
  • Dramatics
  • Clubs and communities


Lahore Grammar School (LGS)


Name of Lahore Grammar School encrafted on a building


Founded in 1979, Lahore Grammar School (LGS) is a group of private, co-educational schools that has grown to be one of the largest and most reputable schools all across Pakistan. It is known for its high-quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to providing students with a modern learning environment.



LGS Defence has two campuses, both of which are equipped with the latest and most innovative features to facilitate students. The LGS campuses in DHA Lahore have extensive libraries with research material for all classes.

A personal tutor system is also offered at Lahore Grammar School to students to enhance their academic and critical-thinking skills further. Moreover, labs observing the highest safety standards are also available to LGS students studying physics, chemistry, biology, and information technology.

The school also organises different extracurricular activities, including sports events, competitions, debates and martial arts.


The City School

The City School is one of the largest and most renowned private educational institutions in Pakistan, with over 150 branches. The school prepares students to pursue higher education at some of the greatest universities in the world by designing a UK-based, skill-intensive curriculum.

With a highly educated teaching staff, the school is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in DHA Lahore.



Like any other school mentioned in this list, The City School offers similar extracurricular activities, such as martial arts, music and art activities, quiz competitions, debates, clubs and societies, and educational trips.

There are advanced science and computer labs in the school, along with a library that has a large selection of books and internet access to support students’ research work.

Under the guidance of their teachers, students can also use the facility’s music and art studios. The school also features a sizable playground for different sports.


DHA Education System

Founded in 1993, the DHA Education System is a growing network of schools for both boys and girls. The staff includes highly qualified and trained teaching professionals, who meet the academic needs of pupils of all ages with an interactive curriculum.



DHA Education System has four branches, all of which are ranked among the best schools in DHA Lahore.

The campuses have cutting-edge science and computer labs, a library with a wide selection of study materials, music and art studios, an auditorium, and spacious playgrounds for students to engage in physical activity.

You can also expect many extracurricular activities such as educational trips, academic counselling, martial arts, music and art activities, and quiz competitions and debates.


Brick School

The DHA campus of Brick School covers an area of 67 kanals, accommodating a large number of students. Its highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty ensures a high level of performance each year. There are separate classrooms for boys and girls in the school.

The Brick School in Defence Lahore offers elementary, secondary, and middle school curricula designed to foster a sense of curiosity in students.


Campus Facilities and Activities

The campus has science and computer labs, a library, multimedia rooms, and activity spaces, all of which are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to the highest safety requirements. Furthermore, there are large playgrounds surrounding the school building.

Some other extracurricular activities on campus include martial arts, sports and physical education, quiz competitions and debates, dramatics and educational trips.

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