Top Cricket Academies in Islamabad

cricket academies in Islamabad

Apart from its solid infrastructure and stunning surroundings, Islamabad offers a wide range of lifestyle services as well, particularly when it comes to leisure and sports. There are dozens of well-equipped places with sports facilities, particularly a range of the best cricket academies in Islamabad. 

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Cricket, in particular, is a cherished sport in Pakistan. From kids playing cricket in the streets to professional teams participating in international tournaments that are held in some of the top cricket stadiums in Pakistan, the sport is extremely popular all across the nation.

However, many aspiring cricketers may find it difficult to choose the right cricket academy, especially considering the wide range of options. To narrow down your search, gives you a short overview of some of the top sports academies in Islamabad below.


The Basics – What is a Cricket Academy?

A cricket academy functions similarly to a coaching facility for aspiring players, where they work out as a team while supervised by one or more coaches. Pakistan’s academy culture is relatively new, having been shaped by the several academies founded by retired cricketers that have altered the country’s cricketing scene. Academies were where cricketers like Babar Azam received their training before becoming well-known.


No.Cricket AcademyLocationContactGoogle Rating
1National Cricket Academy (Diamond Cricket Academy) Ibn-e-Sina Road, PARC, Street 80307 80764234.5
2Shalimar Cricket AcademyStreet 30, F-8/10333 52210734.4
3Sarfraz Nawaz Cricket Academy F-7/10334 96721934.3
4Rawal Kings Cricket Club & AcademyI.J.P. Rd, I-11/10300 55990144.2
5Farooq Cricket AcademyG-10/4 I T Centre, Corner Plot 4, Street 340333 57271923.9


National Cricket Academy


best cricket academies in islamabad


One of Islamabad’s most well-known cricket academies is the National Cricket Academy, which is owned and operated by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).  You can find many modern equipment and facilities here that are especially designed to support young players in their preparation for professional cricket. It has a sizable area with numerous practice fields. 

One of the main reasons this academy serves as a ‘finishing school’ for cricketers is because it provides young athletes in various age groups with specialised training programmes, such as the U-15, U-17, and U-19 programmes.


Shalimar Cricket Academy

Established in 2006, Shalimar Cricket Academy has earned an excellent reputation in the city for its quality training and practise programmes for not only boys, but also girls and handicapped people.

This brilliant initiative has been applauded by many citizens, which is why the academy has become a renowned institution for cricket training. The coaches are not only professional but encourage patient learning and hard-core sportsmanship in the young cricket players. 


Sarfraz Nawaz Cricket Academy

The main goal of Sarfraz Nawaz Cricket Academy is to engage kids in this sport and also provide top-notch training to amateur players, which can help them play in club, county, and district-level matches.

The academy is located in the central area of F-7, Islamabad, making it easily accessible. The cricket ground is also lush and well-maintained, so as to cater to the daily training needs of the players. 


Rawal Kings Cricket Club and Academy


cricket players playing in the cricket academy


It goes without saying that Rawal King Cricket Club and Academy should be mentioned while talking about some of Islamabad’s top sports academies. It has been serving the nation’s capital for about 20 years and is one of the city’s most well-known cricket academies. 

The young players at this academy receive training from some of Islamabad’s most skilled and knowledgeable cricket trainers. There are also sophisticated indoor cricket training facilities as well as net practice pitches. 

Rawal Kings Cricket Club and Training Academy frequently invites teams from other academies and hosts cricket matches that produce healthy competition and boost the young players’ confidence.


Farooq Cricket Academy

The administration and instructors at Farooq Cricket Academy are well-qualified and possess the knowledge and enthusiasm required to train cricketers according to international standards.

It holds training sessions and exercises in an extensive cricket field where numerous games at the national level have also been played. Cricket stars from Pakistan frequently visit this academy to participate in training sessions. They also offer the young students useful advice on improving their skills.

Farooq Cricket Academy fully focuses on students’ sportsmanship and activity levels. This is done via different physical exercises needed for improvement in the game. 


Why Should You Go to a Cricket Academy?


batsman in cricket ground


A lot of professional guidance and preparation is required if you want to play cricket on a national or international level. Hence, enrolling in a cricket academy can prove to be extremely helpful in this regard. You can join at any age, but starting as early as the age of 6 is preferable. The academy teaches you the basics of the sport and the finesse you need to pursue this game professionally.

One of the world’s most lucrative professional sports careers may be that of a professional cricket player. Cricket players that compete in the most significant T20 leagues in the world, like the Pakistan Super League, may make twice as much from a friendly series.

If you’re looking for cricket clubs in Islamabad or cricket academies, you can find out more by visiting Graana Blog. Simply search for ‘cricket club near me’ and explore tons of options.

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