Top IELTS Preparation Institutes in Karachi

Karachi is considered as the main centre for education in Karachi. Students from all over the country come here for education purposes because there are several renowned schools, colleges, universities, and the best IELTS institutes in Karachi. gives you a detailed overview on IELTS tests in Pakistan, along with a thorough rundown of the best centres for IELTS preparation in Karachi.


About IELTS Examinations in Pakistan


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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is based on a series of assessments used to gauge a non-native English speaker’s proficiency in speaking, listening, and writing in English. 

The IELTS examinations must be passed in order for locals seeking possibilities to study in, work in, or immigrate to English-speaking countries.

Additionally, the test comes in Academic and General Training variants. The General Training IELTS is more suitable for career and immigration objectives, while the Academic IELTS is necessary for entry into universities or colleges.


List of the Best IELTS Institutes in Karachi for Exam Preparation


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Even though there is a long list of IELTS preparation institutes in Karachi, some of them are highly regarded for their quality training and results. Following are the top options you should go for when preparing for IELTS. 

  • AEO Pakistan
  • Click5
  • Berlitz
  • Omni Academy


AEO Pakistan


Website Page for IELTS institute in Karachi


The official test centre for IELTS in Karachi is AEO Pakistan, one of the top organisations in the nation for IELTS preparation and administration.

After the British Council, the Australian Education Office (AEO) is the principal international organisation in charge of handling IELTS test administration in Pakistan. It offers classroom instruction, in contrast to the British Council, which offers free online resources to help students prepare for IELTs.

The cost of AEO Pakistan’s 20-class IELTS preparation programme in Karachi is PKR 20,000. The course can go on for a few months. For further information, you can visit AEO Pakistan’s official website.


Location of AEO Pakistan

AEO Pakistan currently has two branches in Karachi: one in Clifton, Karachi’s Block 2, and the other in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal neighbourhood.

Contact Information for AEO Pakistan: 0300-8567776, 0301-8567776




Official website of Click5 IELTS section


One of Karachi’s leading institutions for IELTS training is Click 5. The duration of the IELTS course offered here might be between two and three months, and the cost is simply PKR 4,999 without the admission fee.

Many students choose to enrol in this IELTS institute in Karachi due to its affordability. Additionally, Click5 offers comprehensive study materials for test preparation.

Professionals working in the field of information technology can also receive training and certifications at this location. If you want more details about this IELTS training facility in Karachi, you can also visit the official Click5 website.


Location of Click5

Click5 is situated on main Rashid Minhas Road in the centre of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 5. This makes it one of Karachi’s most easily accessible institutions for IELTS preparation.

Contact Information for CLICK5: 021-34834171




Berlitz Official Website for IELTS Preperation in Karachi


Berlitz, one of Karachi’s top language schools, is also well-known for offering quality IELTS training. It currently offers two courses of varying lengths. 

The cost of the one-month course is 15,000 PKR, and PKR 20,000 for the two-month course. For providing additional preparation materials, it might charge extra.


Location of Berlitz

Among all the IELTS institutes in Karachi, Berlitz has the most branches. They are situated on the main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, and DHA Karachi.

Contact Information for Berlitz: (021) 111-237-548


Omni Academy


Omni Academy



One of the top schools in Karachi that offers IELTS training is Omni Academy. The course is available at flexible hours. According to your work or study schedule, you can choose to take the course during the week or on the weekends.

This two-month IELTS preparation course in Karachi costs PKR 30,000 in total, making it slightly more expensive than all of the courses previously mentioned.

Similar to Click5, Omni Academy is well known for giving IT professionals in Pakistan various certifications and training. 


Location of Omni Academy

The Omni Academy has two locations: one in Sehar Commercial Area of DHA Karachi Phase 7, and the other in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 2 on Sardar Ali Sabri Road.

Contact Information for Omni Academy: 021-35344600 (DHA) and 021-34986664 (Gulshan)


Pakistan American Cultural Centre


Official Website for IELTS PACC


For individuals who are interested in learning the English language, this language and cultural centre, founded in 1959, offers a solid knowledge base.

The English studies programme at PACC, which includes IELTS training, is quite comprehensive and rich, and it employs different teaching methods for students. Its strategy caters to all age groups.


Location of PACC

PACC has three facilities in Pakistan, with two of them in Karachi’s Karimabad and Fatima Jinnah Road.

Contact Information for PACC: (021) 35212918


IELTS Trainer


IELTS trainer in karachi


IELTS Trainer, a facility that focuses on student-focused learning, is situated at major Zamzama, Karachi. It uses a tailored approach to mentor students and help them meet their learning goals.

Its training is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced studies. Candidates can choose between in-person and online instruction using the available resources. The goal of the IELTS mock sessions is to give candidates an idea of what the actual exams would be like so they can effectively prepare.


Location of IELTS Trainer Karachi

Lane 4 25/C,Mezzanine Floor, Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase V, DHA، Khayaban-e-Hilal.

Contact Information for IELTS Trainer: +92 321 2145633


These institutions are a great way to refine your English language skills and also receive thorough training for the IELTS exam. 

For more information on the best IELTS institutes, visit Graana Blog.


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