Top Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

From traditional gold and silver pieces to intricate and contemporary designs, Pakistan is home to a wide variety of jewellery brands that cater to every taste and budget. Moreover, these days, investing in gold is a very wise option, considering the inflation in the country.

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The country has a rich history of jewellery designs and craftsmanship, dating back to the Gandhara civilisation, the Alexandrian period and the Mughal era, along with several other dynasties.

Whether it is handcrafted folk jewellery or modern designer jewellery, the desire to adorn oneself with ornamental pieces transcends the parameters of age, culture, class and time. Jewellery can add a touch of elegance and glamour to any outfit at any occasion, from wedding events to casual gatherings. has listed down some of the most popular jewellery brands in Pakistan below, which cater to a range of preferences and types, from diamonds to artificial jewellery. 

List of Best Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

You can check out the following trending jewellery brands in Pakistan:

Hanif JewellersLuxury brand offering high-quality jewelry and watches. Established four decades ago, known for fine, unique, and intricate pieces. Has physical outlets and an online store.
Damas JewelersRenowned for beautifully crafted and delicate pieces. Offers sub-brands like Forevermark, Vera, and OneSixEight, each with unique collections. Known for gold, silver, and semi-precious stone jewelry.
Almas JewelleryWell-known and respected brand established over four decades ago. Specializes in traditional wedding jewelry, chokers, gold necklaces, and hanging earrings. Expanded to Dallas, Texas, USA.
Tesoro JewelleryFast-rising brand known for high-quality traditional and contemporary designs. Focus on ethnic jewelry inspired by the Mughal era. Offers a variety of pieces adorned with multi-colored gemstones.
ARY JewellersTrusted brand known for high-quality gold and diamond jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and rings. Offers 18, 20, and 22-karat gold pieces. Online shopping available.
Patiala JewellersPopular for distinctive jewelry, including button earrings, pendants, bangles, and solitaire rings. Known for creativity and quality.
Solitaire JewellersTop choice for diamond enthusiasts, offering a range from tiny solitaires to large rocks. Known for a pearl-cut diamond necklace.
Needles JewelleryPakistani brand offering affordable options, specializing in zircon and kundan jewelry. Known for a range of bracelets made of gold, silver, rhodium, and platinum.
Afzal JewellersPrestigious brand known for high-class diamonds and gold sets. Received the Best Jewellers award at IPPA London in 2017. Known for bridal jewelry.
Rabia Mustafa JewelleryKnown for extraordinary artificial pieces made from kundan, zircon, meenakari, and pearls. Affordable and available for online orders.

Hanif Jewellers


Hanif Jewellers logo


Hanif Jewellers is a well-known luxury brand in Pakistan, offering a wide range of high-quality jewellery and watches.

Established four decades ago, the brand has become a household name in the country and is known for its fine, unique, and intricate pieces. From classic gold jewellery to stunning gemstones and diamonds, Hanif Jewellers has something for everyone. 

Whether you are looking for statement pieces or everyday accessories, you will find something to suit your style and budget. In addition to its physical outlets, Hanif Jewellers also has an online store, making it convenient for customers to browse through and purchase their products.

Damas Jewelers


Damas Jewelers logo


Damas is a renowned jewellery brand in Pakistan and the Middle East, known for its beautifully crafted and delicate pieces. The brand takes great care in creating unique designs for each piece, whether it is of gold, silver or semi-precious stones. 

Damas also has several sub-brands, each with its own unique collection. Forevermark offers classic gold and diamond pieces, perfect for special occasions.

Vera has a range of stunning rings and Pakistani earrings designs made from semi-precious stones, while OneSixEight boasts a collection of diamond jewellery. Hence, no matter what your preference may be, you can find all kinds of jewellery styles at Damas.

Almas Jewellery


Almas Jewellers logo


Located in Gulberg Lahore Almas Jewellers is a well-known and respected brand in Pakistan, which dates back over four decades. Founded in 1978 in Lahore, the brand has since expanded to Dallas, Texas in the United States.

It is a family-owned business that prides itself on offering high-quality and versatile products. One of the brand’s specialities is its traditional wedding jewellery, which is highly sought after.

In addition to these sets, Almas is also known for its chokers, gold necklaces, and hanging earrings. With a reputation for excellence and attention to detail, Almas Jewellers is a trusted choice for those seeking top-quality pieces.

Tesoro Jewellery




Tesoro is a fast-rising Pakistani jewellery brand known for its high-quality products, including handbags and sunglasses. The brand offers a wide range of both traditional and contemporary designs, with a focus on ethnic jewellery and Pakistani earrings inspired by the Mughal era. 

If you are looking for graceful and elegant pieces, Tesoro is the place for you. The brand’s collection includes a variety of kundan earrings, traditional jhumkay, polki, and bali, all adorned with multi-coloured gemstones. Tesoro’s jewellery is versatile and can be worn with a range of attire, from traditional ghararas to western-style dresses.

The brand’s classic bali is a popular choice for mehndi events, and their necklaces come in a variety of sizes and shapes, often featuring gemstones and mirror gems. With Tesoro, you can find the perfect piece to match any outfit and occasion.

ARY Jewellers


ARY jeweller logo


ARY Jewellers is a trusted and well-respected brand in Pakistan, known for its high-quality gold jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, and rings. One unique aspect of ARY is that they offer 18, 20, and 22-karat gold pieces, which can be difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to its gold collection, ARY also boasts a wide range of diamonds. It has outlets in most major cities, including Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. 

Customers can also shop online by browsing through its website. Many are of the opinion that ARY’s true expertise lies in its gold collection, making it the perfect choice for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, and anniversaries.

With a wide range of sparkling and elegant pieces to choose from, ARY Jewellers is a top destination for all your jewellery needs.

Patiala Jewellers


Patiala Jewellers logo


Patiala Jewellers is another popular brand among Pakistani women and is known for its distinctive jewellery.

The brand’s outlet in Islamabad features an array of button earrings, as well as matching pendants, bangles, solitaire rings etc. Its jewellery creations epitomise creativity and quality without compromise. 


Solitaire Jewellers


Solitaire Jewellers logo


Solitaire Jewellers is a top choice for diamond enthusiasts in Pakistan. From tiny solitaires to large rocks, Solitaire has something for every taste and budget.

The brand’s pearl-cut diamond necklace is a particular favourite among Pakistani women. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something more understated, you will find something to suit your style at Solitaire Jewellers.

Needles Jewellery


Needle Jewelers logo


Needles is a Pakistani jewellery brand that offers a wide range of affordable options for those on a budget. It especially specialises in zircon and kundan jewellery. One of the Needles’ standout products is its range of bracelets, made of gold, silver, rhodium, and platinum – all available at different price points. 

In addition to its traditional jewellery, Needles also has a collection of waterproof artificial pieces that are very long-lasting. Customers can shop for the brand’s products at its stores or online through its website. 

Afzal Jewellers


afzal Jewllers logo


Afzal Jewellers is a prestigious jewellery brand in Pakistan, known for its high-class diamonds and gold sets. In 2017, the brand received the award for Best Jewellers at the IPPA London, further cementing its reputation for excellence.

If you are in search of bridal jewellery especially, Afzal Jewellers should be at the top of your list. The brand is known for infusing finesse and class into each and every piece, creating jewellery that is elegant and timeless. 

Rabia Mustafa Jewellery


Rabia Mustafa Jewellery logo


Rabia Mustafa is a Pakistani jewellery brand known for its extraordinary artificial pieces made from kundan, zircon, meenakari, and pearls. The pieces are also highly affordable and customers can easily place their orders online. 


The brands mentioned above are just a few examples of the top jewellery brands in Pakistan, and each one has its own unique style and collection. Whether you are looking for traditional pieces or something more contemporary, you can find a number of options in Pakistan. 

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