Types of Mangoes in Pakistan

types of mangoes in Pakistan

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in Pakistan. There are many different varieties available here, each with its own distinct flavour, colour, and shape.

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Graana.com has listed and discussed the most common types of mangoes available in Pakistan below.



Mango VarietyDescriptionFlavorBest Time to Buy
ChaunsaMedium-sized with rounded shape, smooth yellow skin, orange-yellow flesh; sweet and slightly tangy.Sweet, slightly tangyJuly to September
SindhriLarge, oval-shaped with greenish-yellow skin, pinkish-red flesh; sweet with a hint of tartness.Sweet with a hint of tartnessJune to August
LangraMedium-sized with thin, yellow skin; sweet and juicy flesh; remains green even when ripe.SweetJuly to August
DussehriGenerally smaller, juiciest pulp, exquisite flavor and scent.SweetEarly July
Anwer RatolSmall, thin-skinned, fiberless flesh, distinctly sweet flavor.SweetMay to June, July to August

Mangoes are native to South Asia and were first cultivated in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The Mughals introduced them to Pakistan and have grown them in the country for centuries. They are a popular choice for making juices, smoothies, and a variety of desserts.

For example, sour and unripe mangoes are used to make chutneys, dals, and pickles in Pakistan. They are also used to make the seasonal beverage known as aam panna. Another popular drink in South Asia is mango lassi, which is made by combining ripe mangoes or mango pulp with buttermilk, sugar, and salt.

Boiled rice can be served with mango pulp that can also be cooked with red gram dal and green chilies. Additionally, curries can be made with ripe mangoes. With chapatis or pooris, people typically drink aamras, a famous thick mango juice mixed with milk or sugar. Mangada, a type of jam, is also made from the pulp of ripe mangoes.


Different Types of Mangoes Available in Pakistan

Listed below are the most common types of mangoes that are sold in Pakistan.

  • Chaunsa
  • Sindhri
  • Langra
  • Dussehri
  • Anwer Ratol




A bunch of mangoes


Chaunsa is one of the most popular types of mangoes in India and Pakistan and is also grown in other areas such as Bangladesh and Nepal. Chaunsa – the best mango in Pakistan, is a medium-sized mango with a rounded shape and smooth, yellow skin. The flesh of the fruit is orange-yellow in colour and is soft and juicy. Its taste is sweet and slightly tangy.

It can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. For instance, it is often used in mango chutneys and pickles or for juices and smoothies. In addition, it is a popular choice for making ice cream and other mango desserts. According to mythology, Sher Shah Suri gave this mango its current name after defeating the Mughal Emperor Humayun at Chausa, a district in Bihar, India. 




Sindhri Mangoes are one of the most commonly available types of Mangoes in Pakistan


Sindhri is large and oval-shaped, with greenish-yellow skin and pinkish-red flesh and is the best mango in Pakistan. The taste of Sindhri mangoes is sweet and pleasant, with a hint of tartness. 

These are one of the most popular types of mangoes in Pakistan. They are often eaten fresh or used in various mango desserts. Sindhri mangoes are also used to make aam chutney, a popular condiment in Pakistan.

It has its roots in a town of the same name in the Mirpur Khas District. Even though Sindhri mangoes are typically sweet, they might be a little acidic at the beginning of the season.

It has a longer shelf life than some of the other types of mangoes, such as Langra, which may start to turn black in a few days, even if you keep them refrigerated. It is also available in bigger sizes, near the end of its season between May and August, and does not spoil easily.




Two green langra mangoes


Langra is a type of mango that is known for its sweet taste and juicy flesh. The skin is thin and yellow, and the fruit is often used in Indian cuisines, such as in curries and chutneys.

It is commonly believed that this particular mango type was first grown in Varanasi, sometimes referred to as Banaras, in the northern region of India. Nobody is sure how the mango got its name of “langra”, which means “lame” but, according to the locals, the term came about because the man who owned the tree was also disabled.

The fundamental characteristic that sets this mango apart from all the other varieties is that it remains green long after it has ripened, whereas other mangoes turn a yellow-reddish hue. Since the skin is delicate, this mango is only available as a medium-sized fruit with a small, oval seed.

It is usually available in the market from the middle of July to the end of August, and depending on how ripe the fruit is, its flavour can range from exceedingly sweet to quite sour. If you are looking for a delicious and healthy fruit to add to your diet, consider langra mangoes. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and can be enjoyed in many ways.



The origins of Dussehri can be found in the 18th-century gardens of the Nawab of Lucknow. This type of mango has the juiciest pulp and the most exquisite flavour and scent.

Even though it is generally smaller than the rest, its sweet juice makes it one of the most popular types of mangoes. The first two weeks of July are when it is the best time to buy these.


Anwar Rathol

This mango is named after Anwar-ul-Haq, who was the first to cultivate it in Rataul, located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Anwar Ratol is now mostly grown in Pakistan’s Punjab area. Its flesh is fiberless and has a distinctly sweet flavour.

Due to strong demand, it only appears on the market twice, once during the beginning of the mango season from May to June when it is extremely sweet and thin-skinned, and again in July to August when it is more flavourful but less sweet.


Other Types of Mangoes in Pakistan

Other types of mangoes are also grown in Pakistan, but they are less common and sold in only some areas. These include Saroli, Neelum, Fajri, Almas, Malda, Gulab Khans, Sunera, Lal Badshah, Totapuri, and Alphonso.

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How many types of mangoes are in Pakistan?

Around 1500

Which is the best mango in Pakistan?

Chaunsa: Regarded as the epitome of mango perfection, the Chaunsa mango is cherished for its sweet and aromatic flesh. It’s often enjoyed fresh or transformed into mouthwatering desserts.

Who is the king of mangoes in Pakistan?

Safaid Chaunsa

What type of mango is Multan?

The ‘Shan-e-Khuda’ mango (translated as “God’s magnificence”) is a late-season mango cultivar grown in Pakistan, specifically in the Multan and Rahim Yar Khan districts.


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