Best Alternative Ways to Decorate Your Walls Without Paint

Here are some the best wall paint alternative ideas for a no paint house design.

Decorating your walls can add a personal touch to your home, along with setting a tone for the whole house. While painting has remained the most common method for decorating your home, it may not always be the best option. Luckily, there are plenty of decorative designs out there that can serve as a wall paint alternative.

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To help you find the best house painting alternatives,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you the best alternative ways to decorate your walls without paint.


Why Use a Wall Paint Alternative?


There are several wall paint alternative options for those that prefer a paint-free room.


Throughout ages, house painting has remained the most popular method for decorating houses. It is affordable, vibrant, and gets the job done easily. Now you may be wondering; why is there a need for a wall paint alternative? Well, it all boils down to personal preferences and certain circumstances. Painting your walls can be a tedious process, potentially leaving you with an extremely pungent smell and a huge mess. Many prefer to opt-out of this hassle by simply finding ideas to cover walls without paint.

For others, certain circumstances may bar them from painting their walls. Many rental homes and apartments restrict tenants from painting walls, forcing them to find other ways to add a personal touch. Under these circumstances, finding house painting alternatives becomes the best option.


Wall Paint Alternative Ideas

To help you find the right wall paint alternative to decorate your home, here’s a list of some of the best no paint house design ideas out there.

Photo Collage


A Photo collage can serve as a unique wall paint alternative.


A simple yet eloquent way to decorate your walls is to put up a photo collage. You can either hang a single frame with multiple photos, or several frames forming a massive collage. This is perfect for rental properties, especially the ones that do not allow nails or fixtures in the walls. Simply attach the frames with removable wall hooks, leaving no trace on the wall.

You can hang your pictures any way you want, making your empty walls look brighter and more vibrant.


Temporary Wallpaper


Temporary wallpaper is a perfect fix for a no paint house design.


If you’re not looking for a permanent fix, temporary wallpapers should be your go-to. These peel-able wallpapers work just like wrapping sheets, with an added adhesive layer that allows the wallpaper to easily stick. If you want to remove the wallpaper, just peel it from the sides and it comes off in an instant. The ease of use that temporary wallpaper offer make them a good wall paint alternative.

However, their application heavily depends on the type of wall, since they require a smooth surface.

Fabric-Covered Walls


Fabric covered walls are one of the best ideas to cover walls without paint.


For a quick and easy way to decorate your walls without paint, opt for a fabric-covered wall design.  Just take the fabric of your choice and staple it to your walls. Stapling can be a bit unconventional, but it gets the job done perfectly without leaving behind marks or large holes.

The final result looks similar to temporary wallpaper, but the overall look becomes much more textured and vibrant.

Wall-Length Curtains


Wall length curtains are a contemporary wall paint alternative.


A great way to add warmth and style to your room is wall-length curtains. Similar to fabric walls, curtains can add a certain depth along with a unique texture. The only drawback with this design is installing a curtain rod over the length of the room.

You can discover several new designs with curtained walls such as using swaths to shape the curtains, adding a new element to your room.






Shelves are the perfect solution for a wall paint alternative, considering their dual-purpose nature. They can fill up the empty space elegantly while adding extra space for your belongings. The only drawback however is that shelves are a more permanent fix for your walls, since removing them and refilling the holes can be quite a hassle.


Large-Scale Mural


Murals stand out and make a bold statement, perfect for any room.


To truly make a statement, opt for a large-scale mural. Murals can create an enticing backdrop for your room, giving your home a vintage touch. A black-and-white photo of yourself or your family can also work for a more personal feel. With such a large variety of options available, murals are the perfect wall paint alternative.


Masking Tape Wall Design


Masking tape can serve as a good house painting alternative.


Masking tape or washi tape is a colored decorative tape that can be used to create custom designs all over your wall. A little bit of masking tape here and there can make an immense difference in the overall tone of your room. The best part about these adhesive tapes is that they come off pretty easily, without leaving any residue behind. Using washi tapes is one of the easiest DIY wall décor idea out there.


Tile Transfer Stickers


Tile transfer stickers can serve as a quick fix for an alternative to painting walls.


If you want to spice up your kitchen or bathroom tiles, tile transfers are the perfect solution. Tile transfers simply work as stickers that are shaped and sized for wall tiles, removing the hassle of having your whole room re-tiled. The stickers look completely natural, and they can be peeled off with ease.


The market does not offer many wall paint alternative options, leaving many to fare with basic-painted walls. Luckily, there are several DIY options that you can use to decorate your walls without using paints. Just browse through the list and choose the right wall decoration design for your home. For more information, visit – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.

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