20 Easy and Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

It can be difficult to think of decor ideas for each blank wall of your home (especially since there are so many of them). While the minimalist look is still trending currently, too many empty walls can make a place appear unfurnished and incomplete. Sometimes a few coats of paint are not enough to spruce up your house either. Filling up walls with art pieces or statement pieces can be expensive as well, but there are many DIY wall decor ideas you can consider to cover up the empty space.

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There are some fun and inexpensive design projects you can take up; Graana.com has compiled a list of  ideas for DIY wall decor (with pictures) that appeals to all styles and skill levels. Some of these can even be used as DIY office wall decor ideas.


Framed Photo Display


framed photo display


The materials that you would need include a wooden frame (you can also use an old one), string (or any other alternative like wire), clothespins, measuring tape/ruler, pencil, hammer, and eyelets.

Paint the wooden frame if you need to, according to the color theme you have chosen for the room. After it dries, measure and mark the distance on opposite sides of the frame for each eyelet’s position (this is also where the wire will be tied). Lightly hammer in the eyelets to the frame.

Next, put your string through each eyelet and make sure to tie them securely on each end (if you are using a wire, adjust it in a way that it is not poking out at the ends).

Once you are done, you can hang the frame and clip-on all your selected photos with clothespins. For a more aesthetic look, you can use Polaroid pictures instead. 


Geometric Wall Art


white, grey and golden geometric wall art


For wall decor, DIY paper crafts are the simplest option.

The clean lines and geometric shapes of this artwork can especially complement modern, contemporary, or minimalistic room designs. 

The materials you would need are a blank canvas, spray paints of different colors, any kind of paintbrush, and a masking tape.

Start by randomly spraying paint all over your canvas (the messier it is, the better). Do leave some blank spots in-between. You can decide if you want a single shade or more; choose the colors according to your theme. Once the paint has dried, start taping all over it according to a geometric pattern you prefer (triangles, diamonds, squares, rectangles, etc., or even a combination of two or more).

Make sure to keep spaces between each piece of tape. When you are done, spray paint on it all over again but with a different color this time. Again, you can choose multiple colors here if you like. Once dry, peel off the tape — and you are done.


Abstract Painting


abstract painting of light colours


The different textures and colors of an abstract painting can be the contrast you need against your blank walls.

The materials you would need are a blank canvas, paint, marker/tape, gloves, and a plastic drop cloth.

Spread out a couple of layers of the plastic drop cloth on a flat, vacant surface. Put your canvas on top and mark out its edges on the plastic with either a marker or tape. Remove the canvas and start pouring paint on the plastic in random, abstract designs within the marked boundaries (be sure to wear your gloves before this step as it can get very untidy).

It is up to you how many colors you choose to blend. Once you feel like you have done justice to it, gently place the canvas on top of the now-painted plastic sheet. Rub your hands on the back of the canvas to ensure that the paint touches the whole surface and there are no air bubbles.

When you think the whole canvas has been covered, pull it back up and let it dry. Make sure the colors are set before you hang it up on the wall.


Washi Tape Triangle Wall Art


Washi Tape Triangle Wall Art


When it comes to impromptu DIY projects, you can’t go wrong with washi tapes. Combine it with geometric shapes, another trending design in DIY decor, and you have the artwork for your wall. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your home’s appearance, plus the tape holds up longer than you may think. 

You can add it directly to the wall as well, which will give the impression as if the design on your wall has been professionally painted. It will also give a three-dimensional appearance. This is a temporary way for renters especially to decorate their home without damaging the walls.  

The materials you would need are a blank canvas and washi tape. All you have to do is create triangles with the tape in different shapes and sizes onto the canvas.


Calendar Art

calendar art of bicycles for wall decor


Most calendars provide several picture options that you can reuse later. A small gallery display of those images could not only easily take up the entire wall, but would also be a sustainable way to decorate your room.

The materials you would need are calendar images, small canvases (one each for the number of pictures you have chosen), acrylic paint, a paintbrush, scissors, and clear self-adhesive photo corners. 

Paint all your canvases first. While they are drying, cut the images if there are any dates/text that you want to crop out. Also, make sure that the images fit in the center of your canvas. Once your canvases are dry, measure and mark the area on the canvas where you will place the image.

Place a photo corner on each front corner of your image. Place the image in its position on the canvas and press down on the photo corners. When you have done this for each image, hang the canvases on the wall in any layout you like. The general rule is to leave a space of 2-6 inches between them so it looks like an intentional arrangement instead of random clutter.

The advantage of this project is that, since the pictures weren’t glued onto the canvases, you can change out the pictures anytime and as often as you like. You can also use postcards, magazine covers, or any other images in the same manner.


Freehand Paint Your Wall


freehand painting wall


If you want to avoid the high costs of installing wallpaper, you can just grab some paint and a brush, and create a minimalist, geometric pattern on the entire wall. The result will give the impression of wallpaper — but at a budget-friendly cost. 

Another way to get the wallpaper effect is to make brushstrokes over your already-painted wall from top to bottom (just in a slightly darker shade). Brushstroke accent walls can add character to your space at barely any cost.  


Paint Half of the Wall


painting half of the wall


An even easier design idea that you can execute is to just paint half of the wall yourself. You can pick contrasting colors if you want a statement wall, or you can pick subtle hues to just add a hint of dimension to your walls. 


Add Hanging Plants


hanging plants on a wall


Plants are interior designers’ favorite new way to spruce up a place. Take it a step ahead by installing some hanging plants on your walls. It would fill up the space more easily and give a touch of class to the room.


Fake Picture Frames with Tape


framing pictures with tape on wall


This works best for when you have a bunch of pictures at hand for your wall, but don’t have the time or budget to get each one of them framed. Just outline the edges of each picture with tape in bold colours to add an edge to your wall design.

You can even overlap the tape over each other in different patterns and designs — something that you wouldn’t have gained with simple picture frames. 


Clip Your Photos


clipping photos on the wall


Another way to hang pictures without framing them is by mounting metal clips to the wall. You can swap out pictures in this case too, whenever you feel like it. 


World Map


hanging world map on wall


If you are a keen traveler, let your home showcase that. Get a large map of the world printed and hung on your wall. Then add in thumb pins to the countries you have visited so far (you can use pins of different colors for an extra touch). Your home decor will not only be reflecting your personality, but it can also be an effective conversation piece. 

If you want to incorporate an oversized map in your home from another perspective, you can just print one of your home country or city to add sentimental value to the room.


Display Your Hobbies


hanging guitar on wall


Dress up your space with your actual interests. For example, do you play an instrument? Mount up your first guitar on the wall. Are you into old music? Hang up vinyl records. Is reading books your favorite pastime?

Print covers of your favorite books and hang them up. It is important to remember while decorating that your space should just be an extension of you. 


Hang Baskets


hanging baskets on wall


Grab a rattan basket (you may already have one at home) — either a large one or a few small ones — and mount them to the wall. The basket gallery would look unique, add texture and create a bohemian vibe in the room. 


Add Multiple Mirrors


hanging mirrors of different sizes on wall


A gallery wall doesn’t have to be just pictures – DIY mirror wall decor ideas are the easiest way to enhance a room without making too much effort. You can hang one large mirror or even a number of mirrors in different shapes and sizes to make a statement wall. 


Build a Hat Collection


hanging hat collection for wall decor


If you don’t own a hat collection, this is the perfect opportunity to start now. Displaying a hat collection on the entire wall is a quick way to add texture and warmth to the space. Plus, you can get a bunch of hats at a cheaper price than you think.


Add Plates

hanging plates on wall


This is also an easy way to bedeck your wall with something that you already have at home. Just hang a few plates (these could be picture plates or just any decorative ones) on your wall for a thrifty decor look. This can be an even more appropriate design for your kitchen or dining room. 


Create a Book Tower


book tower against wall as wall decor


An unorthodox way to design a wall is by adding stacks of books in front of it. The key is to avoid overdoing it by adding multiple piles of books; just choose a few (those with colorful covers would be preferable) to make the wall look a little less bare.

It would be a unique replacement for a traditional bookshelf.   


Paint Your Bookshelf

painting bookshelf interior in a different colour


On the other hand, if you already have a built-in bookshelf at your place, then you can add a pop of color to your walls by painting either the insides or just a single section of it. 


Install Hooks


installing wall hooks


While this is not exactly an item intended for decor, it can still be used for freshening up your wall design – while, of course, being a functional element as well.

Just add in some hooks, and place items like a statement hat or a big and colorful bag to take up space on your bare wall instantly. 


Style Your Shelves Right


decorating floating shelves


If you already have shelves installed but don’t know how to style them, there are a number of quick and easy ways to do so. 

Start by taking everything off first so you have a clean slate to work with. Put together items of different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. These can include candles, vases, books, plants, pictures, plates, etc. – even a marble cake stand can serve as a feature piece. Explore things you already have at home; you may be surprised at what you are able to find. 

Put up items on only one shelf at a time. You can add them randomly (like placing a candle on a stack of books), or you can make one item a focal point and add the rest around it as you see fit. 

When you have two similar items, it would look more balanced if you space them apart on opposite ends. Similarly, place all the large items at the back of the shelf for a composed setting. This also creates a good foundation for adding in smaller accents later. 

These projects are more about being creative and innovative instead of going through any additional hassle related to your home. You can use different inspirations – or you can just go with the flow and still manage to design something that looks purposeful and professional. 

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