Ways to decorate your outdoors

Just a conventional set of garden chairs and you’re good to go? Well desperate time calls for desperate measures. Want to give your outdoors a makeover? Let’s get on with it. Because of almost every desi mother, decorating your outdoors has become very easy. Instead of hitting shops to make the outdoors fancy, a literal goldmine for unused antiquities is your own ‘Garages’. Even if your garages are sorted, finding the basic tools like empty and galvanised paint and milk cans, deflated tires, wooden pallets, crates or planks won’t be that hard. Afterwards, grab some paint and brushes. And once you get your hands on these ‘essentials’, let get decorating.

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Sorting schemes:

Starting off with the exterior, entrance space. Taking on the front door, you’ll always want it to compliment the home’s design, as it should be colored to bring out the intricate architectural details if any. Maximum Pakistani homes support the earthly palate instead of striking high-contrasted color, with orthodox muted hues ranging from white, off-white and grays because the traditional standard of the main door is wooden and shades of mahogany, walnut stained or cherry. One take could be trying a color that is neutral but has the opposite temperature in the spectrum to make the entrance space more appealing. To make the entrance space more welcoming, don’t hesitate to add pops of colors like lanterns or flower pots.

To achieve that funky outdoor look, it’s time to recycle. Recycling and reusing old things is beneficial as its affordable and trying out your hand at DIY techniques is fun. Let’s explore some of those different techniques to up your decoration game.

Decorating entrance spaces is a lot easier than one can comprehend. The first on the list is getting those empty paint cans to complete the goal. After thoroughly cleaning the cans and painting to transform them to be decorative, use them to pot your favorite blossoms to uplift the spirits of one’s porch, boundary walls or using in clustered crockeries to make them stand out and add color.


Quick question, ever thought that tires could come in handy to decorate your outdoors? Well, yes! Turn those wheels into dream-catchers and create some innovation. If you don’t know how to make one, different DIY videos are available online that can help you cross this of the list.

The next step is finding Mum’s old trolley or a rolling cart, but if both these are unavailable, tension not as every house does have a wheelbarrow. Decorating these are the easiest, as all you need are small flower pots or just plant flowers in the barrow after adding the right soil, seeds and water away!


If you’re lucky enough, your home might have a patios, but even if you’re not, let’s create an open patio. Creating an outdoor seating arrangement is not hard. All you need are a stripped or patterned set of chairs, a table and an umbrella and plants around to create a bold statement. Again, using those paint cans as plants are a handy mean to give that artistic touch.

To brighten up those summer nights, ‘lighten up’. Either use strands of fairy lights or bulbs or to be more creative use mason jars, add lights and hang them up. They can be suspended from branch to branch, or nailed but to create an open air- under the stars kind of night, simply use wide plant pots, insert weightless pipes and suspend lines through them.

Sharing probably one the most innovative tip, who doesn’t like gathering around a pit of fire on a cold winter’s night. Well, guess what? Now you can make one which is affordable. All you need is either a large metal plate or by dig a hole, place blocks around the edges and add pebbles after giving the hole a proper base. Set up wooden logs enclosed by large rocks, and you’re good to go.

Colorful corner:

Looking for an easy way to add color to a dull lawn or have a bright rockery corner, bring those old milk cans and rusted, galvanized buckets along with mud pots in play. Decorate them according to your taste as use them as new planters.

Add green and little burst of colors because with plants, one can never go wrong. Yet another innovative way to create a flower display is using old wooden pallet. Get those pallets out of the garage. Paint warm undertones and voila, your display is ready!

Pallets can further be used to create simple walkways through the lawn to uplift the whole look and give it a more of a forest effect.
Another way to hold those planters are being set on small wooden ladders set against trees wrapped up with strings of fairy lights. Not only will this be more of an enchanting look but also a very pretty visual to look at.

These are some of the most conventional ways to decorate your outdoors. We can’t wait for you to try up some of these basic techniques. Leave pictures in the comments section below if you have redecorated your gardens, porch or lawns. You can always share some tips if we have missed out some points. Once again, happy redecorating.

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