What is luxury living?

A luxurious lifestyle is an amenity that every inhabitant of the world aims to achieve. When we observe nature, we see that nature is also an embodiment of luxury -equipped with aesthetics that are necessary for the environment and imperative for maintaining the ecosystem of the world.

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Human beings establish their abodes for experiencing a convenient lifestyle and are in a constant struggle for attaining luxurious lifestyles.

The concept of the ‘luxurious lifestyle’ is not a new one and always has remained a dominant topic of discussion in the eras of different civilizations; the concept is continuously evolving over the period of time and with advancements in technology, architecture,  and smart houses luxury living is attaining new meanings every day.


Defining luxury

The concept is a relative one and traverses from place to place. For some, it is a lifestyle inhabited in a home that is no less than a wonder of architecture, for others it is a way of living supported by automation and technology where human intervention in the daily routine of work is at a minimum.

Moreover, for some of the inhabitants, the meaning of luxury is found in the peace which they derive from what they have.


Luxury Apartment


What if all of these things converge in one place?

Obviously, the lifestyle with the above-mentioned amenities is difficult to imagine and exists in the abstract however, the curiosity of human beings never lets them settle down and the evolving wonders in the real estate sector are compelling us to believe that an ideal manifestation of a luxurious lifestyle is not far away.

To the extent of imagination supported by the existing literature on luxurious homes, and luxurious lifestyles, it is deduced that luxury homes are a bricolage having an element of recreational facilities, fitness centers, and luxury apartments in Islamabad with a vintage touch which are the forerunner to luxury living.

Furthermore, luxury living is a lifestyle where all the important aspects of life from nature to technology converge as desired by the inhabitants.

Based on our literature review below mentioned are a few characteristics of luxury living.


Living through smart home technology

Almost every aspect of life is regulated by technology; one of the features of luxury living is that it is assisted by concepts like smart homes. Luxury homes are held synonymous with smart homes and incorporate technology in almost every domain of the house.

From managing security, maintaining temperature, and efficient management of energy all are the extensions of smart homes mostly found in luxury homes.

The list does not end here, in luxury homes other aspects like management of multimedia, Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) are being reduced to mobile phones rather a voice recognition systems have started to take the charge assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Thus it can be deduced that technology in the form of smart homes is one of the foremost aspects of luxury living.


Smart Technology

Making the most out of recreational facilities

Recreational facilities are at the forefront of luxury living. Rather than going to public facilities, a system for spending leisure time is developed at luxury homes for the convenience and enjoyment of the owner.

Real estate developers are paying extra attention to this feature and equipping homes with vast estates with facilities like swimming pools, the spa at homes, and e-gaming facilities for making the most out of leisure time.

Boredom has a minimum part in luxury living, due attention is given to the aspects which can keep a resident engaged in luxury homes.

Therefore, a system is developed where family and friends can enjoy leisure time together. In some homes bowling alleys are being installed where the resident owners can spend their time with family and friends. Moreover, advanced e-gaming facilities are also gaining popularity.


State-of-the-art architecture

One of the features that give a different meaning to luxury is state-of-the-art architecture. The outlook of homes defines the taste of residents therefore, architecture has a dominant role in defining luxury.

Depending on the taste of owners, luxurious lifestyles are aided by classical and modern designs moreover, the influence of designs from different epochs of time also adds to the uniqueness of the luxury homes.


Approximate to nature

Another aspect that defines the luxurious lifestyle is that they are closer to nature. With increasing pollution and congestion of spaces in the urban centres luxury is finding its way into nature.

Residing in the calmness of nature, luxury homes are being built near the seashores which open to the picturesque view of nature. Similarly, the houses are being built on hilly terrains which give a majestic view of the mountains touching the sky, and the ruggedness that comes along.

As the world is consumed by work hours and the hustle-bustle of urban centres is keeping people at bay from nature, luxury living is about finding new meaning in the tranquillity of nature.


Adorning the interior

Yet another aspect of luxurious living is about adorning the house internally. Various interior designing techniques are adopted for the beautification of the house which casts a positive impact on the lifestyle.

For example, a grand entryway with a large two-story staircase gives a unique impression to living moreover, the artwork in the drawing rooms and living areas with the blend of traditional and modern techniques gives a new meaning to luxury living.

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